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hiring programmers is more expensive • ENTER.CO

The effects of inflation are not only hitting the family basket of households, but also the budgets of technology companies. A report developed by Accesswire said that today companies are seeing a 20% increase in the costs of hiring programmers and software developers.

According to the study, world events have led to this being the second year in which the cost of hiring developers exceeds the 20% margin. The study cites events such as the war in Ukraine as one of the reasons hiring value increases. This, at the same time, has created extra challenges for companies.

Interestingly, outsourcing of programmers (i.e. hiring remote teams in countries where fees are much lower) hasn’t helped with rising fees for talent recruitment.

“The cost and supply of qualified software developers have reached critical proportions,” said Andy Hilliard, CEO of Accelerance. “Now even outsourcing, which has been an antidote to developer fee inflation, is feeling the pain. Tech-savvy companies are monitoring price changes in different regions of the world. Identifying cost-saving arbitrage opportunities with offshore partner firms is a future strategy that is gaining traction.”

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What does this mean? That next year, development contracting firms will pay close attention to the economic environment of each country to determine which is the ideal when looking for where to subcontract. Colombia, so far, tends to be a fairly popular cradle of IT talent. An important reason is that the value of the peso against the dollar makes salaries for developers in this country very attractive, even when they are in the lower spectrum of general rates.

Precisely because of the inflation in costs, Accelerance assures that the outsourcing of developers will increase next year. The company estimates that at least 60% of companies in the United States will outsource at least part of their development teams abroad.

Now that you’re here…

Even with the current hiring landscape, development is still one of the best fields for people to get into today. Even with inflation, it is a field with high demand that is expected to continue growing by 10% in 2023. Holberton Colombia is an academy with a complete curriculum to train as a software developer in nine months and with an additional nine to access the specialization curriculum.

The academy has about 90% employability for Programmers. This is reflected in success stories in which its participants have managed to find employment in positions as software developers in national and international companies such as Globant, PSL, Endava, Encora, Ayenda, Bancolombia, Davivienda, Banco de Occidente, Mercado Libre, Rappi , Skillshare and Torre with average salaries above 4 million pesos.

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