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Hipercard credit card: limits and advantages

The Hipercard credit card provides numerous benefits to its customers when it is used. Like special discounts at partner stores, in addition to very interesting payment terms.

Another advantage of this card is the little bureaucracy when applying for it. Furthermore, if the user exceeds the stipulated limit, Hipercard Mastercard Zero already carries out an emergency credit analysis at zero cost in order to release his next purchase.

What this article covers:

What is the Hipercard credit card?

Hipercard is a credit card focused on serving customers throughout the Big Network. In addition, as it is an international card, it allows purchases both domestically and internationally.

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As mentioned before, the card is part of the Big Group, which makes it its greatest advantage, as purchases made through it have discounts at stores: Maxxi, Sam’s Club, Big Bompreço, Big Super and Nacional.

How to order a Hipercard credit card?

First, to apply for a Hipercard credit card, you must go to the company’s official website. After that, fill in all fields with name, cell phone number, email and CPF. Finally, enter some information regarding your income and housing.

This initial procedure allows the network to carry out a credit analysis, in addition to providing contact, if the contract is approved. If the result is positive, it is essential to read the card’s terms of use. After that, all that remains is to wait for the physical card to arrive at your home, according to the address filled in on the registration form.

What is the credit limit of the Hipercard card?

There are two forms of limits offered by Hipercard. The first, more common, is pre-established for payments made in cash, it usually has a limit equal to that of other cards.

The second is suitable for payments made in installments. As a result, Hipercard card users are able to make purchases in excess of the pre-established limit.

What is the credit limit of the Hipercard card

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The exact value of the limits is decided by Hipercard itself according to the situation of each customer’s score. However, the amount is usually around R$800.00.

If the customer wants to adjust their limit, it is necessary to contact the plan’s Call Center using these numbers: 3003 -030 for capital cities and metropolitan regions and 0800 720 3030 for other locations.

How does the Hipercard credit card work?

Hipercard performs both the role of brand and card issuer, which must have their requests made at the network’s own store, like walmart and Sams Club.

Installments are very easy, and can be done in 15 to 30 interest-free installments with fixed installments. Payment of your invoice can be made both at banks and at any store on the network.

It has an application that greatly facilitates the lives of its users who choose to resolve their purchases in a more autonomous and practical way. The generation of slips, installment of invoices and monitoring of expenses.

Even though it has its own number, all purchases made with the digital card are posted on the same invoice as the payment invoice for the main card.

Its annuity costs BRL 160.80 and can be paid in up to 12 installments of BRL 13.40. The additional card offers a free first annual fee and after the first year of use, the cost only rises to 50% of the amount of the main card.

Advantages of the card

The Hipercard card has many positive attributes that make it considered a great card, which deserves to be used by several people. Among its advantages, it is worth highlighting the following points:

International Coverage: Hipercard credit card coverage is international in scope. Therefore, it can be used to make purchases made on foreign sites or subscription services from other countries.

Discounts at the Supermarket Network: Card users can use it to obtain discounts on various products offered by Walmart, BIG, MAXXI, Nacional and Bompreço stores.

Mastercard Surpreenda: The card’s benefits program, Mastercard Surpreenda, offers 1 point for each purchase made with either the debit or credit card, regardless of the amount. The more points you collect, the more chances you have to redeem them for exclusive offers.

Installments of 15 to 30 installments: As already shown in one of the previous paragraphs, Hipercard offers the installment option that lasts from 15 to 30 installments in the making of a purchase, even offering the option of being without interest.

Final considerations

As it became evident in the development of this article, Hipercard is a very simple and practical card to use, which offers many interesting benefits. It is worth noting that some benefits such as high interest-free installments, international coverage and discounts in the supermarket chain are quite tempting for obtaining the card.

However, it is always worth remembering: Credit cards, as much as they are a great buying tool, when misused, end up becoming more of a burden than an ally in your financial life. Therefore, use the Hipercard, but very wisely.

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