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Hilary Duff slams publisher – promoted Aaron Carter’s memoir shortly after his death

Only four days after Aaron Carter’s death, publisher Ballast Books promoted his memoir, which will be published in November. Now Carter’s ex-girlfriend Hilary Duff is criticizing the publisher’s actions, which she calls “disgusting”.

Photo: Instagram @aaroncarter/@hilaryduff

Following Aaron Carter’s tragic death on November 5, his ex-girlfriend Hilary Duff has criticized the book publisher that promoted his memoir just days after the star’s death.

Hilary Duff on the book publisher: “Disgusting”

The unfinished book, which has been given the title Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story of an Incomplete Life, was written by Carter himself and journalist Andy Symonds after the latter spent three years interviewing the artist. The publisher sent out a press release about the book on Wednesday, November 9, just four days after Carter’s death.

Photo: Ballast Books

The next day published New York Post an article with a passage from the book in which Carter claims he and Duff took each other’s virginity on her 13th birthday. Duff’s representatives declined to comment on the passage to New York Postbut in a statement to E! News Hilary Duff calls the publisher’s actions “disgusting” and “heartless”:

“It is very sad that not even a week after Aaron’s death there is a publisher recklessly trying to get a book out to cash in on this tragedy without taking enough time or care to check the validity of his work” , she says.

“My teenage self loved you deeply”

Duff was later supported by Carter’s management team as per Rolling Stone wrote the following in a statement:

“This is a time for mourning and reflection, not for heartlessly trying to make money and get attention.” They also asked the publisher to refrain from publication “without the approval of Carter’s family, friends and acquaintances”.

Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter dated between 2000-2003. After Carter’s passing just over a week ago, Duff wrote the following text dedicated to him on Instagram:

“To Aaron – I am so sorry that life was so difficult for you and that you had to fight in front of the world. You had a charm that was absolutely bubbly… my teenage self loved you so deeply.”

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