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Highlighting your fingerprint – Incorruptible

How to make fingerprints more noticeable?

The trick is as simple as registering the same finger a couple of times as for unlocking, but in two different fingerprints. In this way, if the terminal allows registering up to 4 fingers, the procedure is that we register the same fingerprint twice.

How can I get my print read inside the bank?

For this, the user must present their current National Institute of Statistics; will validate that your fingerprints match those of the credential. If in this same process it is validated instantly, the registration will have concluded and it will already be authenticated within the bank”, he affirmed.

What should I do when it doesn’t read my fingerprint?

If the fingerprint reader doesn’t work or doesn’t recognize your fingerprint, it could be that there’s something crap. There may be dirt on such a sensor, but also on your finger or that your finger is somewhat wet, which is something that in many sensors means that said fingerprint cannot be detected.

How to make fingerprints more perceptible?

How to make fingerprints more noticeable?
If the skin on your finger peels, or is too dry or wrinkled, it may not be recognized by the sensor. In such an example, you can use the password or facial recognition to unlock the phone number, or enroll the fingerprints of extra fingers in case this situation happens again.

What is good for regenerating fingerprints?

If you have lost your own fingerprints, you can recover them with soaps that have an acidic pH and moisturizing creams; In addition, the use of cloth gloves is recommended for unfriendly jobs such as sweeping, organizing things, etc.

What to do for the fingerprint reader to read my fingerprint?

A really useful trick to improve fingerprint reading outdoors is to cover the phone number with the opposite hand to the one you use to unlock with your fingerprint. This will prevent excessive light from straddling the digital video camera; which adds greater precision to the reading avoiding unlocking attempts.

What to do to recover the finger prints?

What should I do when it doesn't read my fingerprint?
In this way, fingerprints can be recovered in a few ways, such as through the use of brushes, powders, a magnifying glass, and adhesive tape. It is within the crime lab where fingerprints are being able to help identify a criminal or a victim.

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