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High pile rugs Models, Photos

O high pile rug It is an accessory often used to decorate the living room and add a dose of personality to the most receptive area of ​​the house. This model has an elegant look and comfortable structure, in addition to making a perfect combination with the modern furniture in the house. It’s also a great choice for the kids’ bedroom or video room, as it’s comfortable and warm, and it provides more places for kids to snuggle up besides the bed and couch.

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High pile rugs Models, Photos

THE high pile rug decor manages to shape a cozy atmosphere, covering the surface of the room in a very cozy way. This article is usually found in neutral colors, as is the case with pastel tones. The look without prints makes the room look simpler and more charming, in addition to allowing easy combination with curtains and upholstered furniture.

There are many models of rugs available for sale in stores, pieces that work with different materials and contribute to the aesthetic effect of environments. The structure known as the top is comfortable to sit and lie down onnot to mention that the “cute” appearance has an impactful character in modern decor.

There are no geometric, floral or animal motifs in the high pile rug designs🇧🇷 The pieces that are successful in sales are smooth and maintain the refinement in the texture. Despite being such an admired accessory by interior designers, the high pile rug also has disadvantages.

Carpets made with tall hairs are more difficult to clean and accumulate dirt easily🇧🇷 Some pieces still gather mites in the structure and can harm the quality of life of residents. Anyone who wants to adopt a high pile rug at home needs to be aware of all the pros and cons, taking proper care of cleaning.

During the winter, the high pile carpet can contribute to the heating of the environment, making the living room more pleasant, this makes the common space larger and gives more options for people to sit. In the summer, it is recommended to keep the piece and bet on a simpler model, with low fur and a balanced look.

The threads used in making the high pile rug are polyester and measure an average of 5 cm. Only a professional laundry is able to wash the piece without damaging its structure, so take care to preserve your plush rug. The wrong care for your rug can jeopardize the useful life and beauty of the piece, always take the best care of your rug.

Below is a selection of high pile rug pictures that show this accessory in detail. Check out:

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