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High limit credit cards: which are the best?

Getting a credit card with a high limit to use in your daily life can be advantageous for those who want to enjoy the benefits offered by institutions, such as club points, discounts and airline tickets to travel, in addition to facilitating the purchase of high-value goods with payment in installments, being able to better organize your finances.

But what are the best high limit cards available on the market and what advantage do they offer your customers? Let’s find out!

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How to have a high credit card limit?

There are some steps that help to have a credit card with a high limit. The first is, obviously, paying your bills on time, so you can avoid the interest and fines that may appear with a possible delay and thus avoid creating a snowball.

The credit score is also decisive for a credit card with a high limit to be released, because when applying for a card the company analyzes your financial history in order to know if you will be able to maintain the expenses of this new card. Therefore, having a considerable number of Scores will help you to have an ever-increasing limit!

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Your financial movements, that is, the volume of money you move in your account can be decisive in getting a credit card with a high limit, because these movements help the bank to understand how much income you have in movement in your account , even serving as proof of income.

For those who are negative, gradually creating a relationship with the bank is an excellent way to get high and specific credit!

How about finding the best high limit credit card here? Below we have the best options for your choice! What is the most interesting card for you?

C6 Bank

Banco C6, in addition to being a fee-free digital bank, has one of the highest credit card limits on the market, reaching up to 70 thousand reais available.

Visa Platinum Cashier

A good card that is Platinum, perfect for those who enjoy shopping. With an initial limit of up to R$1,500, this card is a perfect choice for you!


With a good score and proof of income, the Inter Gold can have high limits if released to the customer who still has cashback and free annuity.

To access the card, you must have an account at Banco Inter, which is digital and has several advantages for its customers.

Nubank Gold

The card, in addition to offering high limits, also has advantages for customers, including free annual fees, benefits granted by the mastercard relationship program, in addition to protection for purchases made.

What is the best credit card 2022?

The credit card with the highest limit for 2022 is the Iti Visa Platinum, issued by Banco Itaú. The card offers up to a limit of R$10,000 and has advantages for customers, including club points and discounts, in addition to yielding 100% of the CDI in savings.

What is the best credit card 2022

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The Iti Visa Platinum also comes out ahead of the others due to its transparency, since on the Banco Itaú website it is possible to have access to some information that is not generally made available by the institutions, in addition to having a cost benefit for the users, facilitating the credit access for customers who wish to have the card, as all they have to do is fill in the registration form and, in case of approval, the virtual card is already released for purchases.

Which Credit Card Offers a Higher Limit in 2022?

The C6 card is one of the credit cards with the highest limit on the market, reaching up to R$70,000. However, it has a greater restriction on customer approval, which can upset even those users with satisfactory credit profiles for approval.

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