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High limit credit card: check out the best ones

Having a credit card with a high limit is something that many Brazilians aspire to, since most prioritize this means of payment for the purchase of medium and high value-added consumer goods, due to the possibility of paying in installments. Not being able to complete a purchase because your limit is not enough is frustrating. Therefore, it is common to look for a higher limit.

If used responsibly, a high limit credit card can be a great ally in your financial life. That is why we have prepared this text where we will present the best credit cards with a high limit today. Check out!

What this article covers:

The credit card is a type of personal credit, which allows the user to use a predetermined amount, which he will pay later. It is currently one of the most used payment methods in the world. With it, it is possible to make purchases and pay in several installments.

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However, credit cards have a limit, and the amount of purchases that the customer makes cannot exceed it. Therefore, the higher the credit card limit, the more the consumer can spend. Let’s say that the credit card has a limit of R$ 20,000, it is possible to make a purchase or several, as long as the limit of the card is not exceeded.

A credit card with a high limit allows for greater shopping freedom, so it can be a great ally for your financial organization, when used responsibly. Now let’s get to know the best options and benefits of cards in this category.


The Inter Gold card is one of the best in this category. As you use the card, your limit will increase quickly. It may also happen that the Inter Gold card limit is temporarily doubled for purchases made at Inter bank partner stores.


Despite not being as simple to approve as Inter Gold, the C6 Bank credit card has a high limit and is still free of annuity. There are cases where the limit of this card reaches up to R$70,000.00.

Santander Sx

The initial limit of Santander Sx is not usually much. However, the limit increase is frequent and in a very short time it is possible to reach a high limit. The annual fee for this card is free if you spend at least R$100 using the card.

Will Bank

If you’re looking for a card that can be easily managed via an app, you’ll be interested in Will Bank. In addition to having a high limit, the card also has dual functionality (credit and debit) and does not charge an annual fee.

Nubank Gold

This is probably the easiest high limit card to approve on this list. The Nubank credit card is also easy to manage via the app. This card is free of annual fees and your limit increases as you use the card and pay correctly.

International Digit

Digio Internacional card fees are low and there is no annual fee, but best of all, the initial limit for this card is usually higher than for other cards.

Blue Itaucard Gold

This is the ideal card for people who travel a lot. In addition to being a card with a high limit, the Azul Itaucard Gold also offers discounts at Banco Itaú partner establishments.

Credicard Visa Platinum

The initial limit of Credicard Visa Platinum credit card is R$1,000.00, but over time this limit increases, reaching up to R$35,000.00.

All options have their particularities and it is important to read the contracts carefully to understand what each one offers, before choosing the best one.

With the facilities provided by the digital age, requesting a card with a high limit is simple. Just download the application or contact the bank responsible for issuing the card and provide all the necessary data for the request.

How can I apply for a high limit credit card
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It is important to emphasize that in order to obtain a credit card with a high limit, it is important to have a good profile as a consumer, as all companies that provide credit carry out a prior analysis of the customer’s financial life, before approving the card with a good limit, in order to increase your purchasing power.

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