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Hidracor Color Catalog

When decorating, choosing the right color for the wall and quality paint are essential. It is not enough just to decorate and plan, it is necessary to seek quality so as not to regret later. Inferior quality paints tend to fade and peel, causing more problems than solutions to your work and end up requiring touch-ups and renovations before what can be planned, look for a brand that offers quality and variety like Hidracor Color Catalogūüáßūüá∑

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Hidracor Color Catalog

For those looking for quality and a good color chart, Hidracor inks are ideal. A reliable brand that has been operating in the construction and renovation market for a long time. Its products have durability and also variety. One company founded in 1963Hidracor became famous for producing powder paint, soluble in water, being the first Brazilian company to produce water-soluble paints, further preserving the environment and consumer health by the absence of solvents and other toxic products.

Present on the market for 48 years, hydracor established itself as a large, reliable brand with solutions for different segments, both in paints and coatings. A totally Brazilian company, which belongs to the Grupo J. Macêdo group, which is part of Brazilian daily life as the group that owns famous food brands, such as Dona Benta and Petybon.

With the aim of producing and selling ecologically correct products, preserving Brazil’s natural wealth, the company has become one of the largest in the paint industry in the north and northeast, in addition to having its name consolidated in all regions of the country.

Hidracor has a varied color catalog, able to please all tastes. With one wide range of productsthe brand offers solutions for civil constructions and to know the colors that the company makes available to you, just access the desired product on the company’s website www.hidracor.com.br that the color palette is available.

Hydracor color options

The company also has on its website a environments simulatorso you can preview how your home will look after applying the desired color.

if you wish know the products, you can find the downloads area on the website, with instruction manuals, product images, formulations and explanatory videos. It is worth checking out and taking the opportunity to decorate your home with quality, without harming the environment, showing everyone that in addition to good taste, you are also ecologically correct.

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