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Hide online status on WhatsApp

Do you want to chat on WhatsApp in ninja mode ? By modifying the privacy options of WhatsApp you can hide your photo , when you last connected , but there is one piece of information that is more elusive: if you are online on WhatsApp at that time.

WhatsApp does not allow you to hide when you are connected, although there are a number of tricks you can take into account to circumvent the problem. We tell you how the online indicator works and what you can do to hide that you are online in specific cases .

How the “online” indicator works

To know how to hide the “online” status of WhatsApp, we must first know how it works exactly. WhatsApp considers someone to be online while the app is in use . At that point, your account shows the status of “online” to everyone, whether they are contacts or complete strangers. It’s a public status, so everyone can see it.

WhatsApp considers that someone is no longer online when the application closes by itself, either naturally due to the mobile’s battery saving system or because you have forced it to close from the recent view. If you close WhatsApp manually, the online status automatically disappears. If you don’t, it can take about ten minutes from when you stop using WhatsApp until you appear offline to other people.

Hide online status on WhatsApp

Message when the other person is online (left) and when he is not with last connection time active (center) and deactivated (right)

Now, what other people see when you’re offline depends on another privacy setting, the last connection time . The time of last connection is not necessarily public, but from the WhatsApp privacy settings you can choose whether it is visible to everyone, to your contacts or to no one.

If you have the last connection time disabled , as soon as your WhatsApp goes into offline status, nothing is displayed under your name. If you have it turned on and that person has permission to see it, then they will see what time you were last online.

How to hide the last connection time

The concepts of last connection time and online are often confused because, although they are similar, they are also different. As we mentioned before, today the online status is visible to everyone while you are connected, while at the time of last connection you have the last word.

If you want to hide the time of last connection , you can do it easily from the WhatsApp settings, entering the Privacy section , tapping on Time of last connection. once and changing the setting to Nobody .

This will prevent whoever sees your WhatsApp from knowing what time you last connected, but they will still see if you are online if you are currently using WhatsApp. If you want to hide that you are online, then you should also hide the last connection time or else anyone will be able to know when you last connected.

How to hide when you are connected on WhatsApp

The problem is that WhatsApp does not allow you to hide that you are online in its settings , which has spawned a whole series of applications designed to spy on anyone’s WhatsApp , noting what time they went online and when they went offline.

The line status is public yes or yes, so it can be checked with apps and websites

With this in mind, there are still a number of things you can do to hide the fact that you are online. Neither option is totally satisfactory, but considering that WhatsApp does not include the option, they are better than nothing.

Hide online for some contacts

If you block someone they will not see that you are online but they will also stop seeing your profile picture and the messages they send will not have a double tick and will never reach you

If you want to hide that you are connected to a specific person and not to the whole world , your only alternative is to block that person . WhatsApp does not notify the other person that you have blocked them, although there are a series of fairly clear signs that they can follow to discover it.

For example, messages will never receive a double tick and your profile picture will no longer be displayed. It is therefore a somewhat suspicious method and has the side effect that if that person writes to you while they have you blocked, you will never receive the messages, even if you unblock them later.

If it’s someone you don’t talk to or care about what they might say, you can easily block someone by using the ⋮ menu, tapping More , and choosing Block . Tap Block on the notice that appears. While that person is blocked, they won’t be able to see that you’re online, but they can still use third-party tools (or someone else’s phone with WhatsApp) to check.

Hide online for everyone


If you want to hide that you are connected to the whole world, the closest thing you can achieve is to use the airplane mode of the mobile when you go to open the application to reply to a message. That is, let all the messages enter your WhatsApp and when you want to answer them, close WhatsApp, activate airplane mode, open WhatsApp again and write the answer.

Next, close WhatsApp out of recent view and turn off airplane mode. The message you have written will be sent as soon as WhatsApp recovers the connection, without ever being shown as connected to the other person. Obviously, if someone gets a message, they’ll know you were online, but they won’t get to see your status and may think the message was sent before.

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