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Hero: NFL player KJ Osborn of the Minnesota Vikings helped rescue a man from a burning car

They say that in this world there are heroes who don’t wear capes and this time the wide receiver of the Minnesota Vikings, KJ Osborn, was one of them, since assisted in the rescue of a man who was trapped in his car while it was on fire under a freeway overpass in Austin, Texas.

The Vikings wide receiver narrated for ESPN’s Adam Schefter podcast what happened early Monday morning.

They always say, ‘Wrong place at the wrong time,’ but I was exactly in the right place at the right time.he said, proud to have helped.

Osborn recounted that he spent the weekend visiting friends in Austin, so he started the return trip in Uber and while he was on the freeway, the driver noticed that a car had collided with one of the pillars that support the flyover. According to police, the crash occurred near the 6700 block of North Mopac Expressway on the north side.

After this, Osborn and the driver, as well as two others, ran to help when the vehicle’s engine caught fire and the airbags detonated, making it difficult to see the injured man. Despite this, none of the 4 regretted it, although the NFL player was aware that it was a great risk and his life would also be in danger; however, his desire to rescue the person was greater.

I’m thinking obviously this is a big risk. I have no experience in this. In my head, I’m thinking that this car could explode at any moment and it could all be over.“he added.

When they got to the car, the four of them indicated to the man how he could get out, since they noticed that the best route was for him to slide to the passenger side, once they convinced him to come closer, the four of them pulled him out and the player carried him “10 or 15 feet” to get him out of harm’s way. The victim was bleeding from the mouth, Osborn said.

Police officers and paramedics arrived shortly after, taking the man to hospital. The Minnesota Vikings’ No. 3 wide receiver recalled officials telling the group that his help had been crucial in the rescue: “We saved that man’s life. He would not have been able to get out of that vehicle without our help.” said.

The story was corroborated by the local police on Tuesday morning through a statement in which it was reported that The man was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

“I am grateful to have been in a position to help him. Definitely it was the craziest experience of my life“, he concluded.

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