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Here’s the trick that will make you fall asleep faster and sleep better

Do you have trouble sleeping? Then you should try putting on a pair of cozy and warm socks. It might sound a little strange, we know, but scientists agree.

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According to the American sleep foundation National Sleep Foundation (NSF), the socks can make the body get ready for sleep. When the cold feet are warmed up, a signal is sent to the brain that it is time for bed. This is because the blood vessels in the feet dilate, which redistributes the heat in the body and you begin to fall into sleep. A study published in Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology states that when the blood vessels in your feet dilate, you will fall asleep faster than if you do not warm up your feet.

If you don’t want to wear socks when you go to sleep, you can try warming your feet in other ways. The NSF suggests that you can put a bunch of blankets or a heating bottle in the end of the foot or walk around in warm slippers before crawling into the bunk. It can work almost as well as a pair of socks.

Even though you sleep better when you sleep with socks on, that doesn’t mean you should put on a regular pair of socks. Ordinary socks can be tight around the ankles, which is not good for blood circulation, and they can also be a little too tight for the feet to breathe during the night. Then it might not be so pleasant to go to bed with today’s used socks. Instead, choose a pair of loose rag socks or other cozy socks. They are cozier to sleep in and easier to kick off if it gets too hot.

Below you will find cozy socks and slippers that help the body get ready for sleep!

Slept well!

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