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Here’s the most affordable health insurance on the market

The most competitive health insurance on the market has arrived. It’s called KeepWells and the launch price starts at 7.5 euros per month.

With the aim of democratizing access to a wide network of quality private health services, MC has just launched KeepWells, the most accessible Insurance and Health Plan brand in Portugal and the only one with Continente Card benefits. The project arises from a partnership with the Generali Group and, in particular, with AdvanceCare.

This commitment is the result of a desire to respond to the needs of the Portuguese, who are increasingly looking for quality and reliable private care with more accessible conditions. According to recent studies, more than half of the Portuguese who do not have insurance or health plan intend to have one.

“We aim to reach all Portuguese people and we have the ambition to reach 1 million customers in the first 5 years. KeepWells offers a free health plan and three extremely competitive health insurances. We created the most democratic Health Insurance on the market (Keep Simples) at the special launch price of 7.5 euros per month, for any age and without exclusions, to reach all Portuguese people, including the highest age groups.”, says Miguel Águas, MC administrator.

MC and AdvanceCare Partnership

KeepWells arises from a partnership between MC and AdvanceCare, which guarantees a proven experience in the insurance and health plans sector and a vast network of providers, with more than 23,000 doctors, clinics and hospitals, including all main private groups across the country and islands.

“It is with great enthusiasm that AdvanceCare renews its support for MC in this ambition to democratize the market, placing all our assets and know-how at the disposal of the Partnership, such as the knowledge of customers and offers, as well as the vast Network of Providers”, says José Pedro Inácio, CEO of AdvanceCare.

KeepWells: three different insurances

KeepWells offers three Health Insurance: Keep Simple, Keep Mais and Keep Top, all of them with Continente Card benefits.

keep simple is the star insurance of this launch is the most democratic on the market with a launch price of €7.5 per month, for all ages, without exclusions or grace periods. Specialty consultations for €25 plus the convenience of an unlimited doctor at home and online at no additional cost.

the insurance Keep More and Keep Top include all the advantages of Keep Simples and coverage for hospitalization, surgery and childbirth up to 50 thousand euros. With prices considerably lower than those charged by the main inpatient and outpatient insurance, they are a smart choice for those who want greater protection.

All KeepWells insurance They also give access to discounts on Dentistry and accumulate a 15% discount on the Continente Card.

Knowing that mental health is one of the main concerns of the Portuguese (TOP 3 according to the Sustainable Health Index, developed by NOVA Information Management School), KeepWells offers online Psychiatry and Psychology consultations on all insurance.

Healthy life

The brand aims to be a promoter of well-being and a healthy lifestyle. By subscribing to KeepWells Health Insurance, customers benefit from advantages and discounts on Continente Bio, Continente Equilíbrio, Go Natural, Solinca, Wells, Dr. Wells, Worten, Yammi, Zu and Editory Hotels.

The Wells Health Plan, launched in 2016, is now the Keep Zero Plan. It remains free for members of the Continente Card, extendable to the whole family and with several benefits, such as low prices on private health, which also accumulate 10% discount on the Continente Card.

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