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Here, Mel B’s daughter Phoenix recreates her mother’s looks from her time with the Spice Girls

Mel B’s daughter Phoenix is now around the same age as the members of the Spice Girls were when they hit the big time in the mid-90s – and sure enough, she’s her mother to the day!

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In 1996, the Spice Girls broke through with their first hit Wannabe. Now, over two decades later, Melanie Brown’s daughter pays tribute to her mother by recreating her most iconic looks from her time with the legendary pop group.

The fans: “So nostalgic”

Brown’s daughter Phoenix is ​​23 years old and thus the same age as Mel B was during the Spice Girls’ golden age. On TikTok, she has recreated several of Scary Spice’s most famous looks, something that has created great enthusiasm among the group’s fans:

“I’m obsessed with these!” writes one fan. “Mel B was the BEST spice girl member.”

“This is so nostalgic. Thank you for sharing, beautiful you,” read another comment.

Many also point out how similar Phoenix is ​​to her famous mother:

“My God you are her image!” writes a person.

Check out Phoenix’s tributes to her famous mom below!


Re created my mum’s outfit from the 90’s! What do you guys think?

♬ Spice Up Your Life – Spice Girls


Loved this outfit from a photoshoot mum did in 1997 ?

♬ Wannabe – Spice Girls


Re created my mums say you’ll be there photoshoot! What do you guys think?

♬ Say You’ll Be There – Spice Girls

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