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Here is the Laneige lip mask that is selling out everywhere

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is, according to many, the best lip mask on the market right now. We take a look at the lip mask that beauty experts and consumers alike love.

Photo: Laneige

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask has become something of a cult product, selling out in multiple batches since its launch in the US. The mask is applied, as the name suggests, in the evening and then works overnight.

Comes in several different scents

The explanation behind the mask’s cult status is its moisturizing and caring properties – it consists of a winning mixture of vitamin C, antioxidants and moisturizing hydrating hyaluronic acid.

The fact that it also comes in several delicious scents may also be one of the reasons for its popularity. With scents such as vanilla, apple/lime, grapefruit and berries (raspberry, strawberry, cranberry and blueberry extract) it is easy to find your favourite. And the fact that the packaging is really pretty doesn’t hurt, either!

Source: Glamor

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