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Here is the Christmas food the Swedes cannot live without

Many Swedes will reduce the number of dishes at this year’s Christmas table as a result of the increased food prices. But to make guests happy, there are classics that you can’t live without. This appears in a new Sifo survey from HelloFresh. At the same time, the survey shows that there is money to be saved by cooking a little less of certain dishes, as is always the case remains of.

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Due to the increased food prices, 3 out of 4 Swedes will make changes to the Christmas table this year. As many as one in five will try to plan the dishes and the amount better, and almost one in six Swedes will also eliminate certain dishes completely.

– It can feel difficult to break traditions and choose dishes for Christmas. But cooking only dishes that are appreciated and eaten is a good way to reduce expenses in tough economic times. In addition, unnecessary food waste and environmental impact are reduced, says Nanna Elisabeth Vestergaard Kaldan, gastronomic director of HelloFresh.

The dishes that Swedes cannot do without on the Christmas table

Christmas ham is the one most Swedes cannot live without, followed by meatballs, herring and flounder, as well as Jansson’s temptation, and should be prioritized when choosing which dishes to include on the table. If you want to save money, you can instead opt out of jam, pâté and pâté, dip in the pot and salted fish, which are the dishes that rank last.

The Christmas food that produces the most leftovers

What favorite dishes have in common is that we tend to cook too much of them. Christmas ham is by far the most common Christmas leftover, but also herring, Jansson and meatballs are usually left over.

– Roughly, you can calculate 600-800 grams in total per person. An example of division is 150-250 grams of the cold dishes, 375-475 grams of the slightly warm and then 100-250 g of dessert, says Nanna Elisabeth Vestergaard Kaldan.

Top list: The dishes Swedes cannot live without on the Christmas table

  1. Christmas ham
  2. Noisette
  3. Herring and/or herring
  4. Jansson’s Temptation
  5. Salmon (poached, cold-smoked or hot-smoked)
  6. Egg halves
  7. Prince sausage
  8. Boiled potato
  9. Beetroot salad
  10. Rice porridge

Top list: The dishes Swedes have the most leftovers from after Christmas

  1. Christmas ham
  2. Herring and/or herring
  3. Jansson’s Temptation
  4. Noisette
  5. Prince sausage
  6. Boiled potato
  7. Salmon (poached, cold-smoked or hot-smoked)
  8. Beetroot salad
  9. Egg halves
  10. Jam (veal jam, pressed jam or rolled jam)

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