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Here, “Emily in Paris” star Lily Collins is touring in Stockholm

Lily Collins seems to have a good eye for Sweden. After spending her honeymoon here, she recently returned to explore Stockholm, something she talks about on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram @lilyjcollins

It was on Thursday that the actress Lily Collins, the main character in the popular TV series Emily in Parisposted a picture from Sweden on Instagram.

“Swedish snow bunny”, wrote the star in a post where she is seen walking in a snowy Stockholm.

On the occasion, Collins was wearing an outfit that was at least as chic as anything her character wears Emily in Paris could wear: a long beige winter coat with matching Cartier handbag, black boots and a trendy balaclava.

Went on honeymoon in Sweden

Collins’ fans know for sure that the actress has been to Sweden before – her husband Charlie McDowell chose Sweden as the destination for their honeymoon in autumn 2021:

“It was amazing, but it was freezing,” Collins said of her visit Jimmy Kimmel afterwards. “It was very beautiful and well thought out. I definitely didn’t take the fact that it involved like a suitcase, seventeen flights and lots of cold weather that well. But no, it was perfect.”

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