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Here are the tips for the laundry room – Gentle and energy efficient

When electricity prices rise, consumers need to keep track of their electricity consumption in the household, including in the laundry room. Swedish consumers are highly aware of sustainable clothing care, so it is also important to have a washing machine and dryer with smart solutions that take care of our clothes as gently as possible. The white goods manufacturer LG has therefore shared some smart tips for a more sustainable laundry room with a focus on energy consumption and gentle clothing care.

Replacing old machines saves us time and energy

Replacing the old washing machine and dryer with smarter and more energy-efficient solutions not only saves time and energy – but can also make the everyday puzzle easier. Washing machines with a large washing capacity mean that we can wash less often. Does the machine also have smart features such as a delayed start function, we can choose to wash when it suits us best, why not during the night when electricity is generally cheaper?

Automatic dosing ensures that the right amount of detergent is always used. Overdosing on detergent is worse not only for the environment but also for the laundry, the washing machine and for people with more sensitive skin. With auto-dosing washing machines from LG, the fabric softener compartment can also be used to fill up with additional detergent and thus let the washing machine dose itself for up to 35 washes. Fabric softener is not good for the environment and should be avoided, a tip is to use vinegar and water as a substitute.

The gentler the laundry is treated, the longer colors and fabrics last. LG’s newer washing machines sense not only the weight of the laundry but also the nature of the fabrics, and adapt the combination of washing patterns accordingly, to always take care of the laundry as gently as possible.

The ultimate laundry solution in the home for those who want to build the new laundry room

In addition to using a smart and energy-efficient washing machine and dryer, the laundry room can be supplemented with the steam care cabinet LG Styler.

A steam care cabinet refreshes clothes that are not directly dirty, and garments that normally require special treatment such as dry cleaning. With the help of steam, the LG Styler freshens up – and removes bad smells. The steam also helps to reduce both wrinkles and allergens.

The steam care cabinet is also significantly gentler than a washing machine on both the wardrobe and the environment: fewer washes and less wear and tear on your clothes, no additives – only water, and uses significantly less electricity and water than a washing program.

A few points to keep in mind regarding consumption and durability

Making conscious choices about energy consumption, sustainability and finances can sometimes be a jungle. Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make conscious choices regarding laundry room white goods, choosing machines with the best energy class (A for washing machines and A+++ for dryers) not only saves energy but is also kinder to the wallet.
  • Do not wash unnecessarilysometimes it is enough to air clothes or refresh them in a steam program, it wears less on the clothes and increases their lifespan.
  • Wash smarter by scheduling the machines so they run during times when electricity prices are lower.
  • Fill the washing machine. Do not wash with a half-full drum or less. Even if the machine detects the weight of the laundry, this does not mean that the program uses half as much water and energy.
  • Use custom programs, instead of always choosing the normal program out of sheer habit. Eco programs, for example, draw significantly less energy than standard programs.
  • Wash at lower temperatures. Everyday garments that don’t have tricky stains will still be clean and fresh.
  • Dry at lower temperatures. Of course, it may take a while extra, but it uses less energy and wears less on the laundry.
  • auto dosing, Ppeople who do not measure out the correct amount of detergent before each wash probably have something to gain from using a washing machine with automatic dosing. We often need less detergent than we think. And as said; avoiding overdose is also better for the environment.
  • Avoid fabric softeners, instead, a mixture of vinegar and water can be used to make the laundry softer and less static. Add a few drops of essential oil for a fresher smell!

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