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Here are the items with the best selling position right now

In order to get extra money into the account, more and more Swedes choose to clean out their homes and put their things up for sale. This is clearly noticeable in Sweden’s largest circular market, where supply has risen sharply. As the year’s often poorest month now begins, Tradera has analyzed the second-hand market and compiled the hottest categories. Here are the things that it is the best time to sell on Tradera right now.

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In one year, the range of used goods has increased by almost 25 percent at Tradera. In January 2022, there were 4,027,650 used things for sale on Tradera and today that number is 4,928,356. Every three seconds things change hands on Tradera and 1000 new auctions are posted every hour.

– I think that a tougher economic everyday life with rising electricity prices, mortgage rates and inflation means that many people are looking at their house and cleaning out the house to earn a little extra money. It is good for both the wallet and the planet that we give our things a longer life, says Sofia Hagelin, Tradera press manager.

Best sales position on Tradera right now

Anyone who is sitting on fishing equipment, doll cabinets, screwdrivers or pocket watches right now has a good chance of stretching the cash register during the poorest month of the year. Namely, these are some of the things where the seller’s market prevails at Tradera.

– We see that more expensive categories have increased in average price with us, for example exclusive watches, bags and cameras. There is still a great demand for these durable goods, but more people are reluctant to buy new because of the economic situation. Therefore, instead, the demand for these on the second-hand market is increasing and the prices are rising, says Sofia Hagelin.

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Cameras and Nintendo pay well

Anyone who wants to make a little more money should invest in selling their laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Cameras and lenses also pay well. Even video games such as the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 5 are often the subject of a bidding war.

Many are also looking for vinyl players and vinyl records, especially hard rock records and music from the 50s and 60s. In interior design, it is mainly Skultuna brass, retro porcelain and antique lamps that are popular.

Pokemon, Barbie and fishing lures are popular

Barbiecore was one of the new words of the year in 2022 – and it is precisely Barbie dolls and Barbie clothes that many people are looking for at Tradera. Among children’s toys, there is also great demand for Lego, Pokémon cards and dollhouse furniture. Many people interested in fishing also hang out at Tradera, where fishing reels and fishing lures are often sold at really high prices.

– A good piece of advice is also to think seasonally when selling. Now in January it’s winter sports and we have sports holidays around the corner. Take the opportunity to sell winter shoes, the son’s outgrown overalls, ski clothes, ski goggles and cross-country skates. That’s what many people are looking for now, says Sofia Hagelin.

Here are January’s hottest categories on the secondary market

(Ranked by turnover within each category)

Women’s, men’s and children’s outerwear
Ski clothing
Ski goggles
Winter boots and boots
Other men’s shoes
Women’s and men’s perfume

Vintage moped parts 1952-1990
Puch moped
Vintage mopeds

Exclusive watches
Pocket watch
Smart watches

Mobile phones / Reading tablets

Console games / Computer games
Playstation 5
Playstation 4
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo 8-bit (NES)
Game Boy

Computers & Accessories
Graphics card (GPU)
Internal hard drives
Electronics components

Screw and nut driver
Planers / Rubank
Chain saw
Angle grinders

Fishing equipment
Fishing reels
Lures and lures
Fly fishing

Camera / optics
Digital cameras
Analog cameras
Camera lens
Binoculars and telescopes

Pokemon cards
Doll cabinets and doll cabinet furniture
Barbie dolls and Barbie clothes

Swedish retro porcelain – Gustavsberg, Arabia, Upsala Ekeby
Brass – Skultuna
Antique lamps

Vinyl player
Vinyl records, especially hard rock records and music from the 50s and 60s.

Tradera’s sales guide: How to succeed in sales

1. It is wise to think seasonally. Sell ​​the ski jacket and cross-country skates now and wait for the summer dress for a few more months until it comes into season.

2. You can sell more things than you think. Branded clothes in good condition, legos, reading tablets, mobile phones, glass and crockery, antique / retro decor, toys, collectibles such as Pokémon cards, coins, stamps and vinyl records.

3. Take nice pictures in square format that show what you sell. Make sure to have good lighting. Feel free to take pictures from the front, back and close-ups.

4. Be clear in the title and object description. Please mention the device’s name, model number, color, size, material, care instructions, condition.

5. Be honest and detailed. If there is a receipt, write it too.

6. Daring to test a low asking price is also good, it often attracts more buyers and a higher final price.

7. A good time to end your ads is weekends and especially Sunday evenings. Then many people are inside and bidding on Tradera.

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