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Here are the best hair oils for blondes

Anyone who is blonde knows that the balance between a perfect blonde shade and chicken yellow is difficult, and that even the perfect shade can turn yellow over time. You probably also know that your hair becomes dry as hell and your best friend has become the hair oil. Unfortunately, we have to tell you that the hair oil may be the reason why your hair turns yellow…

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Color specialist Sibi Bolan tells Byrdie.com that the hair oil can actually make your blonde hair discolored and yellow.

– If you have light blonde hair, you should avoid hair oils that are yellow. They are highly pigmented and can stain the hair. The lighter the hair, the more likely it is to become discolored and yellow, she explains.

Yellow oils are usually thicker and can weigh down thin and fine Scandinavian hair. She says that it is therefore better for blondes to use a transparent hair oil

Below we list the 6 best hair oils for blonde hair!

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Source: Byrdie

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