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here are some tips to avoid getting into trouble

Water is the most important element for our existence, most of our activities involve its participation.

Whether to manufacture clothes, products, keep the body hydrated, shower, cook,

laundry, among others.

Discover today how to save water and the importance of saving water in your life.

What this article covers:

Get to know some tips for saving water in everyday life

Some believe that to save water effectively you need to make big changes in your life. But, in fact, there are simple tasks that already help you a lot, such as:

  • Wash clothes less times a week;
  • Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth;
  • Turn off the faucet when soaping the dishes;
  • Choose to sweep the backyard floor and wash less often;
  • Take shorter showers and turn off the faucet when soaping up;
  • Avoid giving more than one discharge at a time;
  • Close the taps well;
  • Cover the water tank well to prevent water evaporation;
  • Swap the hose for buckets to prevent running water from being wasted;
  • Replace leaky faucets and pipes;
  • Take advantage of rainwater and washing machine water to wash the outside of the house;
  • Check the hydrometer.

These are small habits on how to save water that you can implement in your routine without wasting time.

What is the importance of saving water?

Although the largest percentage of the planet is water, waste can cause water shortages. potable water in the future. The current waste of the population is already causing a water crisis in our country.

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A clear example was the Cantareira system, which suffered from insufficient water in the reservoir and could not supply São Paulo. This episode occurred in 2016, and worse ones will happen if the population continues to have bad habits.

The first step to change this situation is to start following the simple tips that were said earlier.

Why make other people aware of saving water?

Saving water alone is not enough, making family members and other people aware is also important. In addition to reducing the monthly water bill, it reduces negative impacts on the environment, enabling future generations to enjoy drinking water.

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