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Here are H&M’s best sellers in 2022

H&M has clearly been our most reliable retailer during the year. Like other fast fashion brands, they have a long way to go to make the brand a more sustainable and responsible place to shop. But if you’re looking for stylish basics and stylish designer-led pieces at affordable prices to wear over and over again, H&M is hard to beat.

Photo: H&M

The garments that sell best H&M is a good indication of what is trendy. Some of the most sought-after pieces in 2022 were the ribbed tank top, wide leg pants, classic shirts, tailored blazers and ribbed dresses.

These garments are absolute wardrobe must-haves this year too, so if you missed them last year, you still have the chance to snap them up!

Here are the H&M pieces we couldn’t get enough of in 2022!

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