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Henry Martín thanks Club América for the support he received during his losing streak in Liga MX

Henry Martín, striker for Club América.

Photo: Erick Saavedra / Imago7

Club América is considered one of the largest in Mexico, something that Henry Martín knows, it is for this reason that he considered that having a bad season can kick you out of the cream-blue squad. However, The Mexican striker had two bad seasons, according to him, but at the same time he was grateful that during that time he did not lose support from the fans.

This was revealed by the scorer of the Azulcrema team in an interview with TUDN, because it was there where Martín talked about his losing streak with the painting and at the same time He thanked all the American supporters for “putting up with him” and for all the “patience they had with him.”

“You’re on the biggest team, they don’t allow you that here, You have a bad tournament and you are already with one foot out and I had two very bad tournaments, it seems to mebut they put up with me, so I appreciate that they have been patient with me, I appreciate that they have trusted me ”, revealed Henry Martín on TUDN.

However, this is not all that Martín has said in said interview, because the striker who is paired with Oribe Peralta and Cuauhtémoc Blanco as top scorers for the American team He also revealed the frustration he lived during those seasons where he couldn’t convert.

“He came home after the games having missed one, two or three clear goals, I would sit on the bed and cry like a little child. with my legs crossed, I would look at the ceiling and say ‘what do I have to do to get out of this?’ My hands were sweating, I was like never before, it wasn’t me and I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know where to start to get out of where I was and I tried hard and things didn’t work out”, revealed the striker.

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