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Henry Martín sends a strong message to Chivas de Guadalajara

Henry Martín has scored more than 70 goals in Liga MX.

Photo: Tony Hidalgo/Imago7

Henry Martín is one of the most underrated strikers in Liga MX. The Mexican attacker has started the Aztec tournament with an overwhelming rhythm. The center forward has scored nine goals and establishes himself as the leader of the scorers’ table in this championship. Chivas de Guadalajara wanted to have him on their squad, but the player acknowledged that reaching the Sacred Flock would have been something he would regret for the rest of his life.

Henry Martín’s level was not always so regular. The cream-blue attacker was going through complex moments that questioned his participation in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In the midst of Henry’s irregularity, the Chivas de Gudalajara tried to take him away from their greatest rival, but the Mexican striker had other plans.

“I have never liked to go wrong from any place, (if I went to Chivas) I was not going to feel that it was me If I made that decision to leave, I was going to regret my entire career for having made that decision and I think I did it perfectly ”revealed Henry Martín in an interview with Record.

Criticism rained down on Henry Martín

In the middle of the offer of Chivas de Guadalajara, Henry Martín was highly questioned by the media and fans of the Águilas del América. But the Mexican attacker managed to get enough nerve to stay in the team and fight for a place in the squad.

Being honest, the decision was difficult, because I was wrongIt would have been very easy for me to make the lightest decision, which was to leave, to get out of all the pressure, get out of all the criticism and try to lift somewhere elsetake confidence in another team and start from scratch because here the press criticized me, the fans criticized me, on the field I was not responding and the same external pressure was killing me”, he concluded.

The former Xolos de Tijuana player has played 198 games in the Aztec tournament. Henry Martín has in his record 77 goals, a fairly high figure despite the constant criticism of him.

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