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heirs have until next week to escape the tax

Deadline for the heads of households to communicate to the Tax Authorities how they want the settlement of the AIMI to be carried out ends at the end of this month.

The set of properties that make up the assets to be shared, within the scope of an undivided inheritance, may be subject to taxation of the AIMIwhen the sum of the VPT of such properties exceeds 600 thousand euros.

It should be remembered that the Additional IMI (AIMI) has 3 levels: natural persons who own real estate assets above 600 thousand euros and up to one million euros are subject to a rate of 0.7%; above one million and up to two, the rate rises to 1%. From this amount, a fee of 1.5% applies.

However, the law allows this taxation to pass to the heirs as long as there is an active procedure by the head of the couple and confirmation of data by the heirs.

This procedure aims to distribute the real estate that is part of the inheritance and avoid the AIMI or a higher tax payment.

For this to happen, the head of the couple will have to deliver a declaration, electronically, identifying all the heirs and their shares in that inheritance, until the 31st of March. The heirs will have to confirm these declared shares, also through a declaration, from April 1 to April 30.

After these procedures, the undivided inheritance is no longer taxed in AIMI, with the new tax falling on the heirs, which can be advantageous. Do the math and then be aware of the deadlines!

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