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Hedvig launches car insurance in Sweden

The insurance company Hedvig expands its range and launches car insurance on the Swedish market. Just like Hedvig’s other insurances, you can take out the car insurance without a commitment period and damages are reported directly in the app, which makes the insurance matter simple and smooth.

The market for car insurance in Sweden constitutes a large proportion of all insurance premiums paid annually by Swedes, 34% of the Swedish insurance market is covered by traffic and motor vehicle insurance and at the end of 2021 there were just under 5.3 million insured passenger cars in Sweden.*

Four years after Hedvig’s launch, the range is now being expanded with car insurance, which will be Hedvig’s third insurance product after home and accident insurance. Car insurance has been stealthily launched for three months against Hedvig’s roughly 100,000 existing members, a group that has long requested this particular insurance:

“Just like when we launched accident insurance, this is an insurance that our members have really been waiting for and asking for. Over 60 percent of Hedvig’s members who have car insurance with another insurance company have shown interest in switching to Hedvig, so of course it feels extra fun to now be able to offer car insurance the Hedvig way,” says Lucas Carlsén, co-founder and CEO, Hedvig.

Just like Hedvig’s other insurances, car damage is reported directly in the app and offers the same deductible for all members, regardless of age. The average response time in the app is 5 minutes, which will make it easier if the accident is imminent or if the car suddenly stops working at the roadside. Car insurance is taken out without a commitment period and can be easily upgraded if necessary in Hedvig’s app.

In addition to the basic protection that traffic insurance provides, Hedvig’s members can now insure their cars with either half or full insurance. The half-insurance covers, among other things, burglary, fire, salvage, machine protection as well as legal protection and crisis therapy when mental illness is a direct consequence of a traffic accident. Comprehensive insurance also covers carriage damage – which compensates for damage to the car in the event of a traffic accident, vandalism or other external event.

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