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Heat wave in the United Kingdom affected Google and Oracle servers • ENTER.CO

The heat wave that Europe is experiencing has also affected technology giants such as Google Cloud and Oracle. Servers of the two companies located in the United Kingdom suffered interruptions due to cooling failures.

The interruptions in the servers of both companies were due to the almost 40 degrees Celsius that the United Kingdom registered in a single day. The company Google communicated on its Google Cloud status page that it experienced a failure related to cooling. This situation caused a partial failure in that area of ​​the world, with consequences such as VM (virtual machine) termination for several of its clients. As a measure, the company shut down several of its machines to prevent further damage.

On the other hand, the page The Register and bleeping computer, noted that Oracle has a similar message directed at its customers on its status page. However, Oracle cites “Non-Seasonal Temperatures” as the cause of the failure on their servers. Several machines were also turned off and the service in the region is gradually returning to normal. Oracle’s action focuses on repairing the cooling system in the data center.

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There is no estimate at this time of how many customers may have been affected by this flaw in Google Cloud and Oracle. However, it is estimated that it can directly cause problems for clients who have their websites hosted on these services. The high temperatures in the United Kingdom are unusual, not even in the summer did they reach such a level. Consequently, the infrastructure of all industries, including technology, is not adapted to such levels of heat. A measure that from now on the technology giants that have their servers in this and other regions will have to consider.

Image: Florian Krumm on Unsplash

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