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Healthy Eating, Know All About

Healthy eating is always a subject full of truths and myths. However, everyone knows how fundamental it is for the proper functioning of the body and its functions. (mainly in the long term), after all, a healthy diet may be able to prevent diseases and even help in the better functioning of the organs and quality of life of people who follow a balanced and balanced diet.

And the (WHO) World Health Organization, dictates factors for it to be considered a healthy diet. It is fundamental to intake of fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, fiber and a large proportion of greener and more natural ingredients.

However, a healthy diet is not always the one in which you only consume the foods that are richest in vitamins and minerals, and to discover myths and truths?? Follow this article below, and remove all your main doubts about healthy eating, and what experts say about it!

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Healthy eating, understand myths and truths

Foods that are bad, foods that are good, among the subject of healthy eating there are always some ideas that are propagated about food “good guys and bad guys”??

To clarify these issues for you, we have created topics below, explaining what exactly the experts say about controversial foods and myths and truths about food. Understand!

Myth: Cutting out gluten is good for health

Gluten is a protein present in flour, pasta, cakes, however it is strictly forbidden to people with gluten intolerance?? In any case, too many healthy people can consume gluten without harming their general health, guarantee specialists and nutrologists, after all, a healthy diet can be guaranteed even by ingesting daily doses of foods that contain gluten.

But as a rule, the most appropriate advice is to avoid exaggerated consumption of protein, which in isolated cases can cause problems such as discomfort and abdominal swelling.

Truth: Overcooking Foods Loses Nutrients

One of the truths about healthy eating is that when food is cooked for a long time, it does lose its most important nutrients, vitamins and minerals (especially if it gets too soft and is cooked above 100 degrees Celsius).

So the fundamental tip is always to use the water that cooked the food to make rice for example, so it is possible to consume the vegetable broth and also the nutrients present in the food that was cooked.

Myth: Eggs are bad for health

Thousands of times the eggs have been “villains” and even foodies, in the old days it was believed that they raised cholesterol, however it is nothing more than a great myth, after all eggs are very good for health and help in a healthy and balanced diet.

After all, inside an egg yolk is basically a complete source of important vitamins, minerals, proteins and even biotin, fundamental elements for maintaining good health, it is still recommended to consume about 3 to 4 eggs daily.

Truth: Chocolate Causes Pimples

In general, one of the truths that seems like a big problem is that, unfortunately, chocolate can cause pimples in some people, and we are going to explain why.

Chocolate is a food rich in fats and sugar, and when consumed “too much” or even every day, it can end up inflaming the body, contributing to the appearance of pimples, blackheads. It can also increase skin oiliness due to the inflammation it can cause in some people’s bodies.

However, the main tip is to choose some chocolates more “healthy” 100% cocoa or semisweet.

Myth: Eating every 3 hours helps with weight loss

A great myth confirmed by experts is that eating every 3 hours can make you lose weight or even burn calories due to the acceleration of metabolism, and this is not true. However, eating every 3 hours can be beneficial for those looking for better digestion, as well as people with intestinal problems, as well as individuals who have stomach diseases and should not spend many hours fasting, or between meals.

Truth: Milk is bad for your health

Yes, milk is bad for health as it contains a number of important preservatives, in addition to its production often containing hormones from the cows themselves, which give rise to milk. In addition to milk being a food in which many people can develop intolerances, and acquire inflammations after high consumption of food. Therefore, the best option is always to opt for vegetable milk such as almond, coconut, oat and other healthier types.

Myth: Lemon on an empty stomach helps to lose weight

In fact, lemon on an empty stomach can be a great ally to help alkalize the blood, however it is not a miraculous potential capable of helping with weight loss, when used alone, in fact lemon on an empty stomach can help with weight loss , only if followed by a healthy diet and a good diet to burn calories.

Truth: There is a safe amount of sugar ideal for daily consumption

Sugar has already been found to be a villain capable of doing good harm to the body as a whole, after all it inflames the body.

Since the World Health Organization recommends a safe intake of daily sugar, which should be a maximum of 10% of daily calories equivalent to 50 grams. Since it is still indicated to opt for healthier sugars such as coconut or demerara.

Regarding sweeteners, the use of natural versions such as stevia are indicated in cases of low-calorie diets.

Myth: All fats are bad for overall health

Many people believe that all fat is harmful, but the so-called unsaturated fats (poly and mono) present in seeds such as linseed for example, fruits such as avocado and olive oil, coconut oil, are great sources of vitamins and perfect for bringing balance and regulation of the body’s processes, they also help in digestion and are an important macronutrient for the human health and should form part of a healthy diet.

Only types of saturated and trans fats, present in red meat, processed products that should require care in consumption, as they can harm health in the long term.

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