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He will not be in Super Bowl LVII: Tom Brady reveals that his career as a commentator will start in 2024

Tom Brady with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tom Brady has retired at different times from the NFL, which is why when announcing his departure from the sport again, the fans did not fully believe this decision. However, the recently retired quarterback and considered the greatest player in NFL history, announced Monday that he will begin his career as a television commentator with Fox Sports in the fall of 2024.reason for which it can be said that he would no longer return to the courts.

“Last week I spoke with people from Fox Sports and we agreed that my participation will begin in the fall of 2024. That will be great for me because I will have the time to learn various things to become good at it.” stated Brady during his participation in the program The Herd hosted by Colin Cowherd.

The six-time champion with the Patriots and one with the Buccaneers retired last Wednesday after 23 seasons in the NFL. According to Brady This will be a final goodbye, different from the one he announced in February 2022, which he regretted 40 days later to play one last season in Tampa Bay.

in May 2022 Fox Sports anticipated the final retirement of the 45-year-old ex-quarterback to have him in its talent pool. For its part, the sports network signed the former player with a 10-year contract in exchange for $375 million, an amount that will make the former Buccaneers star the highest-paid analyst in historyalthough of course, it will not affect Brady much, who has a large amount of money in his account.

“I’m happy because I have many people who will support me in that growth; It will be a great opportunity for me to take this time before heading towards my work on Fox Sports broadcasts.”Brady added.

With this decision, the man born in San Mateo, California, erased speculation about a possible appearance during the Super Bowl LVII broadcast on February 12 between the Eagles and Chiefs.

About the intention that Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, revealed last week to hire him for a game in the 2023 season to honor him for everything he gave to the team in which he was 20 years old, the former player said that he will analyze it.

“I will take time to catch up on other parts of my life that need energy; also I have to think about the opportunity that the Patriots offer me ”, concluded

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