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He is ready to be DT of Cruz Azul: Hugo Sánchez revealed that there are approaches with the board and told how his last meeting was

Hugo Sanchez He has already declared himself ready to direct Blue Cross. During the ESPN show Spicy Soccerthe Pentapichichi revealed that he has met with celestial directors still continue and told how his last approach was.

The ex-scorer of real Madrid confessed that has met with Óscar Pérez and Víctor Velázquez, club coordinator and president of the Cruz Azul Cooperative, respectively; and that He is simply waiting for a response from the managers to take the reins of the team.

I already did my homework in my appointment that I had with Víctor Velázquez and Óscar (Pérez) and we are waiting. ANDWe are ready for when they make the decision“He commented during the most recent broadcast of the program, although he is aware that it may not be something immediate, since the current coach’s internship could be extended for a few more weeks.

“It would be coherent (extend the interim). In a few days there are many games, so the change of coach is somewhat hasty. They will wait for the opportune moment to make the decision,” he added.

How was Hugo Sánchez’s meeting with the Cruz Azul board of directors?

When his colleagues asked him about his interview with the board of directors, Hugo Sánchez revealed that he was the one who spoke the most, since he shared his plans and described the project he has in mind to improve the results of Cruz Azul.

They asked me and I was the one who elaborated, I explained what my plans were, what my ideology was, my work methodology, my coaching staff, etc.“, he narrowed.

Finally, the Pentapichichi made it clear that the managers have been honest with him and said that they told him that at the same time they are evaluating other options, since they seek to learn about various projects to opt for the one they believe is the best for the club.

They openly told me that there are other candidateswho want to know what is the way of thinking of each one from the outside, to know what is missing in the team and what are the ideas that one can bring ”, he concluded.

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