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“He has to deliver results”: Miguel Herrera demands Diego Cocca in his new position in charge of the Mexico team

Miguel Herrera (i) and Diego Cocca (r) met in the MX League when they were coaching Tigres and Atlas, respectively.

Photo: Richard Vogel/Imago7

He Diego Cocca’s process at the head of the Mexican National Team has already begun. His team is working at full speed, looking at and analyzing all the options and players before El Tri’s next friendly scheduled for March 23 against Suriname.

Criticism against the Argentine coach, both positive and negative, has only multiplied since his appointment just over a week ago. Now add the point of view of Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herreraone of the coaches considered to take the position and the one who was closest to sitting back on the bench of Mexico.

At the discussion table Spicy Soccer of ESPN, the ‘Piojo’ Herrera took the opportunity to give his point of view on the appointment of his colleague Diego Cocca in charge of the Mexican national team: “He is a good coach, he wins a two-time championship with Atlas (…) He gives results, in Argentina and now in Mexico.”

But he also hinted that you have to prove with results that it was the best option for the Mexican National Team, after prevailing over coaches in the category of Guillermo Almada, Nacho Ambriz and Piojo Herrera himself.

“We don’t have to like it, Mexican soccer has to like it and deliver results”

Miguel Herrera on Diego Cocca

But at all times Miguel Herrera, who recently took the helm of the Xolos de Tijuana in Liga MX for the second time, stressed that he felt honored to be considered to be once again coach of the soccer team of his country.

In addition to that, the experienced coach stressed that it is important, regardless of the discussion, to support Diego Cocca and the process that he is now carrying out at the helm of El Tri: “The important thing is that Mexico is doing well and we must all support it (…) That uncovers”.

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