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He does it again! Fernando Colunga reappeared in networks and left his mouth open for his appearance

The soap opera heartthrob Fernando Colunga continues to wreak havoc among his fans, because in addition to his return to the small screen with a new melodrama, The actor has reappeared on networks with a new photograph that gave a lot to talk about.

The commented image came to light through an official Instagram account of the celebrity’s fan club, causing an immediate stir due to the appearance he showed in front of the camera.

And it is that the protagonist of stories like “Because love rules” and “Tomorrow is forever” he was seen with a serious face and sunglasses while posing for a black and white photograph.

Although the date to which the postcard dates back was not specified in the publication, the user highlighted that it is a recent sighting, so this would be the look with which the public will be able to appreciate it in his new project.

As expected, this unexpected interaction unleashed a wave of comments in which Fernando Colunga became the target of praise from his fans and even from one of his former scene partners, the first actress Ana Martin.

“Prince what an actor and there is no photo where you look bad because that’s how you are in person, it’s what I call a celebrity,” said the famous woman who gave life to the mother of the actor in the project that he starred in with Adela Noriega in 2003.

For their part, Colunga’s fans did not hesitate to share their excitement about this sighting and his possible return to the screens. “We always wait for you when I see you, I think they will announce your new project”, “Piece of an actor”, “Elegant and handsome” and “When will the novel” be some of the comments that are read online.

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