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HBO Max would have secured a Harry Potter series/spin off for streaming • ENTER.CO

Will Harry Potter have a new life on HBO Max? Sources assure that a show is on the way.

HBO Max doesn’t seem to have many things clear at the moment, but at least it shows an understanding that its properties are the key to taking advantage of the streaming war. And one we haven’t seen get much out of it is Harry Potter…so far. A report ensures that the platform has already secured a series for HBO Max.

The information comes from the Daily Mail UK outlet, which is sure that Warner Bros has secured a deal for a show that would go to the streaming platform. According to media sources, the agreement was signed at least six months ago.

For now, HBO Max has not confirmed plans to take the world of Harry Potter out of theaters. So, as is the case with most such rumours, it is best to take this information with a grain of salt. In fact, this morning the streaming service presented its catalog of new productions and there was no mention of the franchise anywhere.

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The truth is that it is a bad time to be a fan of Harry Potter. The Fantastic Beasts movies haven’t been able to emulate the popularity of the original franchise and while Erza Miller is no longer a part of his story, there doesn’t seem to be much talk of continuing the franchise. It doesn’t help either that the controversy surrounding JK Rowling, author of the books, has created this immediate rejection response to most products associated with Harry Potter. It is the reason why sources within Warner have assured that the production of series or shows has stopped, considering the resistance that the latest products have had.

The reason the Harry Potter series hasn’t been announced (and may never be) may be because of the merger between Warner and Discovery. The platform has made the decision to remove nearly 40 shows and movies from its service, in a bid to ease the tax burden and quell speculation on the service’s future.

We’ll have to wait to see if Harry Potter sees new life on HBO Max. Who knows… maybe a move to streaming is what the franchise needs to get the magic back.

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