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Have you thought about using organic deodorants? Know everything!

Organic deodorants are in fashion, but more than that they are friendly to the body and the environment. We tell you everything you need to know.

In an era in which environmental concerns assume a prominent role, bio deodorants are more and more a trend. And the best part is that they are friendly to the body and the environment.

But do you know the difference between an organic deodorant and the ones we are used to buying at the supermarket? Come there and discover everything.

Organic deodorants: everything you need to know

Differences compared to traditional deodorants

Technological and scientific developments during the 20th century led to mass production of products that promised more effective results at a lower cost. And that, of course, also happened with hygiene products, namely deodorants.

But the truth is that over the years, it was realized that these products, although more effective, brought with them major problems both for the health of the planet and for the health of humans.

In that sense, the deodorants common use chemicals that make them very effective, but which end up being harmful to health, often with serious consequences in the long term. Therefore, science has been showing that the key is to bet on natural products that respect the skin and the environment.

And this, of course, led to the emergence of organic productss: from the food sector to cosmetics, never before has there been so much concern for health and nature.

And this is where biological deodorants come in. Produced only with natural ingredients, using no chemical substances, they do not cause allergic reactions or have known harmful effects on health. And they are also not polluting or tested on animals.

Compared to traditional ones, they are less effective, it is true. But they are more friendly to the planet and our health.

Are bio deodorants worth it?

Although switching from a common deodorant to an organic one can be difficult, the important thing is to focus on the benefits and make use of some tricks that can help. In terms of health, they are actually better for the skin, as they are less harmful to it.

What usually happens when switching to an organic deodorant is the realization that the effects are less lasting than those of common deodorants.

Therefore, it is important to keep the new deodorant close at all times, in order to reinforce the application several times during the day.

But, the good news is that the body ends up adapting, and in the medium term the organic deodorant ends up becoming more and more effective.

It may also be that one brand works better on our body than another, so it’s important to try several and decide which one suits your skin best.

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Where to buy organic deodorants?

Nowadays, there are already several stores that offer various organic hygiene and cosmetic products. And even hypermarkets are starting to have several of these products, including deodorants.

mineral deodorant


With natural mineral salts from Bauxite, this is a natural deodorant that, given its astringent action, reduces skin perspiration and its acidic nature.

Consequently, it inhibits the development of microorganisms that are found on the skin and that cause bad odor.


bio deodorant


With organic red hibiscus extract, which hydrates and accelerates cell turnover in the often irritated underarm area, this deodorant is effective while being kind to the skin and the environment.


sweet orange deodorant

of sweet orange

Formulated without parabens, alcohol, aluminum salts, perfumes or preservatives, this organic deodorant is enriched with orange oil.

Thanks to its combination of dermo-purifying actives, such as white clay and rice powder, it regulates perspiration and does not dry out.


Are you going to adhere to biological deodorants?

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