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Have you already downloaded our 2023 IRS Guide? It is free

Always committed to the financial literacy of the Portuguese, the Ekonomista has prepared the 2023 IRS Guide for you. Download it here. It’s free and uncomplicated.

The 2023 IRS campaign for income earned in 2022 is open. Regardless of the type of income you received, we remind you that you have between April 1 and June 30, 2023 to submit the Model 3 declaration or confirm the Automatic IRS through the Finance Portal.

As has happened in recent years, the Economist prepared a practical guidewhich helps not only to understand how this tax works and how it is calculated, but also what needs to be done when filling out and delivering the return.

Also, this year, the Economist’s 2023 IRS Guide includes a supplement dedicated to small and large investors. We summarize, in essence, the essentials on how to declare investments to the IRS.

This guide, which has Banco BNI Europa as an official partner, therefore seeks to uncomplicate some of the rules related to the IRS which, in the eyes of many, seems to be a real puzzle. After reading it, he will see that after all the IRS can be a little simpler than it seems.

Download the 2023 IRS Guide for free here:

IRS Guide 2023

After all, what is the IRS? How does this tax collection work? And what do you need to fill in the declaration? See the answers to this question in our IRS Guide.

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