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Alimony is guaranteed by law that supports relatives in financial difficulty, which is usually paid by parents who have children and are separated from their partners.

Non-payment of child support can lead to imprisonment, in a closed regime, if the child does not have the assets to pay off his debt for three months, and can continue like this if new debts are made.

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What is alimony?

Alimony is a right guaranteed by the civil code of 2002, in articles 1694 to 1710, where relatives and partners in financial difficulties can request this benefit, and receive a monthly amount to cover their expenses, until their finances are properly balanced.

Who is entitled to receive alimony?

Alimony can be requested by people who have a certain degree of kinship with each other, as in the most common case that includes parents and children.

Applicants, in order to apply for the pension, must obligatorily have a stable union or have been married, unilateral or bilateral siblings, in addition to children, who prove that they are unable to provide for their own support and people with ascending and descending kinship.

What amounts are stipulated for alimony?

The values ​​are stipulated by the judge according to the income of the feeder and the fed, and based on these values, an amount is established for the payment.

The percentage of the amount to be paid is 33% of the payer’s net earnings, which are already deducted from the payee’s payroll.

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If the feeder is self-employed, the value is calculated on top of the income and activities performed by him.

The amounts can be paid directly to the beneficiary, however, care must be taken to ensure that the amounts are paid correctly every month.

The pension amounts can also be paid with the enjoyment of goods belonging to the food source, as a way to settle the outstanding amounts of the pension.

Alimony promotes the costs of food, education, housing, culture, medical care and clothing, and extraordinary expenses include educational books, pharmacy items, school clothing and other expenses.

The costs that are not covered by the pension are those considered superfluous, luxurious and that are part of the individual’s personal addiction.

How long must child support be paid?

Payment of alimony must be paid up to the age of 18, in the case of minors. If the child enters a college, payment of the benefit must be made up to the age of 24.

In other cases, the payment of the pension is indeterminate, because while the beneficiary does not prove that he has the conditions to maintain himself, the amount must be paid monthly.

How long should alimony be paid

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It is worth noting that the payment of alimony is temporary, and if it is proven that the child is able to maintain himself, the benefit must be suspended.

The procedure must be carried out in a judicial manner, by hiring a lawyer or public defense for handling the case.

The payment of alimony is a right guaranteed by law that helps in a better quality of life for the beneficiaries, by providing housing, food, clothing and other benefits to the lives of those who use the alimony for these purposes.

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