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Have the best Professional Resume

Making your professional resume more robust, having good courses, is essential to get a good job and even compete for positions/vacancies that pay a good wage.

And if you are looking for good free courses to complement your professional CV. So get ready for the various suggestions of great and free professional courses / free courses, perfect to make your resume even amazing and professional. Check below:

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Check out Free Courses and Certification
to improve your Professional Curriculum in the search for a Replacement in the Labor Market

Some professional courses, are essential to have at least on your professional resume, especially if your goal is to work in specific areas. Below are some great free courses with a diploma that you can take to complement your professional resume via the internet and in a simple way, without leaving home:

1. Sebrae People Management Course

Having a good free course, from Sebrae, can be a great way to fill your resume in a very interesting way, this course is still completely online and lasts eight hours, it can be done in your free time.

Also remembering the advantages since when you complete your Sebrae People Management course, you will also receive a beautiful professional certificate, free of charge.

The modules of this course have a very interesting journey, with the final objective of teaching leadership strategies, management and all the specific fundamentals of the area, the course is basic and quite complete for those who want to start or are curious about team management in the corporate sector .

2. Advanced Excel Course

Knowing how to understand Excel is a very fundamental strategy, especially when working in companies, at an administrative level.

And of course, the most interesting thing about knowing how to work and being an Excel “guru” is that it will make a difference on your resume and guarantee great opportunities for vacancies and jobs, considering that this course is highly demanded.

However, the tip is to take a good advanced course in Excel, which we indicate here is about 60 hours long.

Learning ensures knowing how to handle Excel tools, make spreadsheets, advanced filter, data table, dynamic analysis and much more.

3. Course engage teams in virtual environments

After the pandemic, remote work grew a lot, as well as the need to manage teams within a virtual environment, and yes, this work and courses in these areas are great options to increase the curriculum.

And the coursera offers a good course in the area, essential to teach this type of management in virtual environments.

The course is about 15 hours long, fundamental methods of this management style will be taught, and a lot of innovative content to manage teams, which is undoubtedly worth checking out.

4. Bradesco / Writing Course

The Bradesco institution has a multitude of types of free courses that are great to make your resume even more professional.

Among the free course options offered there are written communication courses, and this course can still be a great alternative for anyone, after all, it is essential to have good spelling to perform some specific functions in the job market.

Therefore, the modality of the course is super interesting, it can be done within the platform, it lasts 40 hours and is aimed at beginner levels, in addition to being divided into 12 modules that are very explanatory and with a lot of enriching content.

5. Harvard online courses

If you are fluent in languages ​​like English for exampleknow that taking free courses at one of the most renowned institutions in the world like Harvard is a possible reality, yes.

You can also take courses in many areas of expertise to complement your curriculum, such as finance for example. The duration of the journey of the available courses is variable and there are many areas to explore the free courses, there, some last up to 12 weeks, and the best thing is that at the end you still receive your certificate of completion.

To receive the certificate it will be necessary to disburse around 99 dollarsequivalent to 500 reais in Brazil in conversion.

6. Microsoft online courses

Have you thought about taking good courses, some of them made available by Microsoft are good options for those who love Information Technology.

Some of the courses are in English, but there are also courses in Portuguese, some like, for example, data engineering among others.

7. Linkedin Learning online courses

We’ve talked about remote work here and there on Linkedin Learning there are some very interesting courses around the topic that also address productivity. There is also a journey of 10 courses and when it is finished the student can receive his completion diploma.

8. Albert Einstein Hospital online courses

If you are a student of areas such as medicine, nursing, know that there are free courses with certification at Albert Einstein Hospital.

All basic teaching courses on Neurology, Physical Medicine and even Nutrology, great to increase your professional curriculum.

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