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Have success in the New Year! 21 beautiful dresses with that little something extra

Sometimes you feel like betting on safe cards – and then there are times when you simply want to go all in. Are you tired of blending in with the crowd? Do you want to make an impression during this New Year’s celebration, and both feel like, and be, the star of the party? Then you are right to choose one of the 21 pang dresses below.

Photo: NA-KD

Of course, you can wear something you already have at home on New Year’s; many more formal dresses are only worn once or a few times and regardless of what you may think, few will even notice that you are wearing a dress that you have worn before. But if you still want to click home a new festive outfit to toast the new year in, we’ve collected 21 real bang dresses that we’d love to wear when we’re kicking our heels on the ceiling below.

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