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Harry & Meghan – Meghan Markle’s clothing choices reveal hidden messages in new documentary

In the new Netflix documentary series “Harry & Meghan”, Meghan Markle takes back control of her image, not least through fashion. We take a closer look at the Duchess of Sussex’s style and what it really conveys.

Photo: Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle’s wardrobe has spoken volumes since she met Prince Harry, and the new documentary series “Harry & Meghan” on Netflix is ​​no exception. Here below, we list some of the styles that Meghan uses to convey different messages.

The “Megxit” dress

During the period when Prince Harry and Meghan lived in the UK and carried out missions for the British royal house, Meghan mainly wore muted tones. In Volume 1 of the new Netflix series, she reveals that this was a conscious choice:

“I wore lots of muted shades, so I could just blend in,” Meghan says in the documentary. “I’m not trying to stand out here… there’s no version of me that has come into this family and isn’t trying to do everything I can to fit in.”

When Harry and Meghan finally decided to break with the royal family and leave the UK, a change was noticed in Meghan’s attire, something perfectly illustrated by the dress she chose to wear during the couple’s first return visit to Harry’s homeland – a blue, knee-length dress by Victoria Beckham.

The Krista Elsta jumper

The style presented by Meghan in the documentary is more thoughtful and toned down than the period around “Megxit”, likely a move aimed at giving a more down-to-earth, authentic and accessible impression.

One of the garments that reinforces this image – and has received a lot of attention since the documentary was released on December 8 – is the light blue jumper that Meghan wears during some of the interviews in the series and also appears in the trailer.

This jumper is actually a cashmere sweater from the Latvian clothing brand Krista Elsta. The price? 160 euros, i.e. the equivalent of close to 1,750 Swedish kronor, which can be seen as something of a bargain considering Meghan’s status and wealth.

Symbolic white

Just as Camille Vasquez wore a white suit during the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard earlier this year, it is possible that Meghan Markle also uses white clothes to convey “purity and clarity”, according to stylist and image coach Melissa Lund:

“I think Meghan likes white and looks good in it but there is definitely some symbolism behind her choice,” she told the British newspaper Express.

Not only does Meghan wear a white blouse during one of the interviews in the documentary, she also wore white during Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee earlier this year, and for a charity gala in New York the other week, she chose a white Louis Vuitton dress.

Lund believes that these clothing choices are highly conscious:

“I think she’s trying to show that she has a new life now (rebirth) and how is also trying to come across as royalty – I know it’s a bit contradictory, but she still has her title. Clarity can be interpreted as knowing what you are talking about and I think she wants people to take her humanitarian efforts seriously. At the Ripple of Hope awards ceremony, white was the perfect color.”

Source: Vogue

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