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Happy michi’s day! 8 accounts to follow for cat lovers • ENTER.CO

As the owner of two cats, I know that there is nothing more relaxing than seeing other cats on a screen. And it is that if there is something more synonymous with the Internet, it is cats. For this reason, at ENTER.CO we have decided to celebrate International Kittens Day with a recommendation of our favorite and mandatory accounts for all cat lovers.

And to give a little love to each social network, we try not to all be just one from the same platform (although most have a presence in more than one social network).

Nala The Cat

Instagram – 4.4 million followers

Of course a cat has more followers than you. Nala Cat not only has photos to melt your heart, but also shows that a cat is a better influencer than you

cats being weird little guys

Twitter – 1.5 million followers

Cats are weird (and lovable) critters. That is why at times it is good to enjoy those moments in which… well, we can laugh a little about them.

Cole and Marmalade

YouTube – 1.44 Million Subscribers

Because a cat is not enough. This channel not only portrays the lives of two michis, but also their owners (who are quite adorable for humans).

Cats of Instagram

Instagram / 13.4 million followers

Why settle for a cat? Cats of Instagram gives you the daily dose of cats at your fingertips for cat lovers (always remember to follow the original accounts of the photos and videos).

jackson galaxy

YouTube – 1.41 million subscribers

Understanding your cat can be tricky. But this channel can give you the key clues to begin to better understand their language and how to have a better relationship with them.

Things on cats

82.9 thousand followers

Sometimes…sometimes you just want to see how much stuff you can put on your cat without waking her up. This account is for science… fun at the expense of the michis


Instagram / 1 Million Subscribers

Do you think it is complicated to work with your laptop and your cat? Try playing piano! This is one of those accounts that shows that everything is better with cats

DIY Cat Village

YouTube – 55,000 subscribers

Cat dads can be quite the pimps. This YouTube account can give you some craft ideas that you can do to pamper your michi.

Images: Pexels

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