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Hannes Mauritzson in new collaboration with Ellos Home – collection that welcomes spring

Ellos launches a home collection in collaboration with influencer Hannes Mauritzon. If you’re already longing for the warm spring breezes, this collection filled with Easter details, spring cushions and decoration will likely spark that feeling.

Photo: Ellos Home

Are there experts on how to best take care of spring? Ello’s design collaboration with influencer Hannes Mauritzson makes us believe so. On Instagram, he shares beautiful pictures from his harmonious apartment in Gothenburg and the small colonial cottage, and now he inspires us to bring the new season into the home.

Photo: Ellos Home

Because after scouting out the perfect spring cloth, lovely cushions and other beautiful interior details, we long for everything that has to do with spring. Just think: you put the lovely yellow cloth on the garden table and set down the vase filled with budding twigs and the first tulips of the year. On the wooden tray from the collection, you display the best of the season – perhaps a rhubarb pie just today? The guests arrive and together you enjoy the warming sun. No, right now we can’t imagine a more glorious spring day.

Photo: Ellos Home

In addition to being an expert in spring, it is clear that Hannes Mauritzson has an eye for detail. “The common thread in this collection is my love for ranunculus. It is embroidered on the napkins and the apron, which should be useful both in the kitchen and also outdoors when you want to start working in the garden,” he says himself.

The campaign and collection will be launched on February 23 at Ellos.se

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