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Hanna Friberg on the breakup with Max Johnler: “Never been so shocked”

Earlier this week, Hanna Friberg told us that her relationship with Max Johnler is over. Now she talks about the breakup in the podcast Monday vibe: “I have never been in such shock as I was in that moment,” she says.

Photo: Instagram @hannafriberg

It was earlier this week that the influencer Hanna Friberg published a post in her story on Instagram where she commented on the breakup with former boyfriend Max Johnler.

“It’s completely crazy that almost all of Stockholm already knows that me and my boyfriend broke up before I barely had time to process it myself or tell my loved ones,” she wrote and continued:

“Will not comment further at this time. Please respect this until I myself decide to come forward with what happened.”

Ended last year

This is not the first time that Friberg and Johnler – whom the influencer calls “Mr Big” – have broken up: last year they went their separate ways, after which Friberg discovered that Johnler had been unfaithful to her. They reunited this summer, something the influencer commented on in a question and answer session on Instagram:

“[D]it is clear that [otroheten] all the time lies and gnaws at the back of the head. But since I’ve chosen to forgive and chosen to be in a relationship with him, I also have to choose to trust him, so that’s exactly what I’ve done,” she wrote on the platform in June 2022.

Talks about the breakup in podcast

Now Friberg has commented on the latest breakup in his podcast Monday vibe:

“To be honest, I have been dumped. Again,” she says. “When this happened, I didn’t understand anything. I have never been in such shock as I was at this moment.”

Friberg says that only a few hours before the breakup, Johnler wanted them to look at a house together, as well as plan things for next year.

“But then he comes home the same evening that he has shown me this house that he wants us to look at and says that… he wants to break up,” she says. “I didn’t understand anything. I lay on the bed and just stared at the ceiling. I was completely in shock. I kind of couldn’t take it in.”

Friberg says that the day after the breakup she “basically threw out” Johnler:

“The next day I just felt angry. I took all his things, put them in a box and told him he could get dressed and go home,” she says, adding:

“How am I ever going to be able to trust anyone again after everything I’ve been through in this relationship? I really thought we had something special. Being rejected is a terrible feeling. I feel so incredibly stupid for believing everything he said.”

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