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Handmade items for the baby’s room

O baby room it needs to be a warm, pleasant environment that recognizes the needs of the newborn in the first months of life. Parents usually start planning the environment before the child is born, considering the most appropriate furniture and accessories.

With handmade pieces, the baby’s room gains a personal touch. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

Setting up the baby’s room

THE baby room decor bets on smooth and delicate colors, thus preventing the child from becoming agitated. Furniture is also arranged in the space in order to facilitate circulation and increase functionality.

The crib, chest of drawers and breastfeeding chair are the basic furniture for a baby room🇧🇷 These pieces need to maintain an aesthetic harmony to guarantee comfort and a beautiful decoration.

Parents can bet on a theme to decorate the children’s room. Ideas vary according to the gender of the child, but they should value the purity that exists in early childhood.

Door ornament. (Photo: Disclosure)

In addition to furniture, the baby’s room also needs elements that give the space more personality. Handmade items fulfill this task perfectly, as they add to the environment the charm and exclusivity of handmade pieces🇧🇷

The baby’s room deserves some handmade itemsbut it is important not to exaggerate the amount of embellishments, as this excess can result in visual confusion and dust accumulation.

Tips for craft items for the baby’s room

The craft allows you to make several items to decorate the baby’s room🇧🇷 The pieces are made with fabric, MDF, EVA, felt, among other materials. The craftsmen who work with this type of product offer personalization services, such as embroidering the child’s name on an article.

Kit of pots for the baby’s room. (Photo: Disclosure)

Many different craft items can decorate the baby’s room🇧🇷 Check out some suggestions below:

– Door ornament;
– Comic for the wall;
– Handmade lamp;
– Sachet mobile;
– MDF hygiene kit;
– Picture frame;
– Cushions;
– Embroidered crib kit;
– fabric teddy bears;
– Rag dolls;
– Crib canopy;
– Medicine box;
– Diaper holder;
– Crib pendant.

Where to find handmade baby room items?

You handmade items for baby room can be found in craft stores. Another option is also to visit the link 7 website, which brings together various handcrafted works for sale. On the site, moms can search for products by lower or higher price, newer or older.

Access the link 7 website and find several craft options to decorate the baby’s room.

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