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Handmade Easter Basket

THE handmade easter basket It is a great gift option to surprise friends and family. Handicrafts have a special place on that date, so some people end up using the techniques to make chocolates, themed accessories or even wonderful baskets that symbolize the magic of the date. With Easter approaching, artisans have already started to make baskets and work mainly on order to serve consumers.

Handmade Easter Basket. (Photo: Disclosure)

Different from the Easter baskets that are found ready for sale in stores, the handmade ones need a very special job for customization. Those responsible for making the baskets are creative people, who know how to combine the right materials and put craft techniques into practice in a creative and, above all, original way.

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Handmade Easter Basket

THE handmade easter basket corresponds to one of the most original ways to present a loved one on this commemorative date. The gift usually has personality and can enhance everything that the person receiving the gift appreciates, whether related to chocolates or decoration. There are those who use artisanal techniques to make a very romantic Easter basket and present their boyfriend or girlfriend in a unique and unforgettable way.

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Different styles of baskets

A wicker basket decorated with ribbons and flowers. (Photo: Disclosure)

Many people are unaware of how to assemble a handmade Easter basket, but the fact is that this work can develop a creative sense and yield good profits for those with good taste. The personalized basket corresponds to a good idea for those who prepare homemade eggs and want to innovate ways of serving consumers. Making baskets combining homemade chocolates with handicrafts is a business that can work and increase revenue.

Want to put together a beautiful handmade basket? Then follow these tips:

Decorate a wicker basket

The first stage of the craft work consists of buying a wicker basket or even a small chest made with the material to decorate. The finishing can be done with ribbons, bows, ruffles and even EVA pieces with Easter symbols. To line the basket, it is worth betting on tissue paper in one or two different colors. With the basic finishing done, it’s time to worry about the contents of your Easter basket.

Capriche in the choice of chocolates. (Photo: Disclosure)

Choose your favorite chocolates

Try to know the favorite chocolates of the person who will be presented with the basket, so it is easier to choose the type of egg, chocolates and other items that are included in the basket. Be very spontaneous in choosing and worry about the harmony of the packaging.

add themed treats

To make the basket more beautiful and authentic, bet on a stuffed bunny, flowers, pots, or even boxes decorated in a thematic way for the occasion.

The fabric or plush bunny cannot be missing from your basket. (Photo: Disclosure)

Finishing the Easter basket can be done with transparent plastic, a widely used idea that preserves the products that make up the basket. Finally, the use of handicraft techniques requires good taste, style and personality to make the present something surprising.

Capriche in the final decoration (Photo: Reproduction/Elo 7)

Capriche in the final decoration (Photo: Reproduction/Elo 7)

eco styles

Basket with fairground boxes (Photo: Reproduction/Elo 7)

Basket with fairground boxes (Photo: Reproduction/Elo 7)

Have you ever thought about recovering a fair box and turning it into an Easter basket? Look how beautiful it looks. You can get these boxes at street fairs, when many vendors throw away bad products, and you can retrieve these boxes. By sanding, you can leave it looking smooth and then paint it with the color of your choice, the decoration can be done with straws, thus protecting the products that go there, and decorating the outside with eva or other items.

Handmade basket with different woods (Photo: Reproduction/Elo 7)

Handmade basket with different woods (Photo: Reproduction/Elo 7)

other styles

There are several types of baskets that you can buy ready-made or even unfinished to customize. Remember that in addition to decoration, thinking about the details is fundamental to attract the customer’s attention, to please the taste of those who are buying. You can and should be inspired by your client to make something personalized and mark the Easter of those who will win a basket full of chocolates.

Use and abuse creativity (Photo: Reproduction/Elo 7)

Use and abuse creativity (Photo: Reproduction/Elo 7)

Learn more tips by watching the video below:

If you are unable to assemble it, search for handmade Easter basket models available on the market.

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