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Hampus Hedström ready for Let’s Dance 2023

The YouTube comedian Hampus Hedström is one of the Swedish celebrities who will try to dance their way to victory in Let’s Dance 2023. “I’m super excited and super nervous,” says Hedström on Instagram.

Photo: TV4

Hampus Hedström is one of the participants in this year’s edition of TV4’s popular program Let’s Dancesomething that he himself talks about in a post on the program’s Instagram account.

Hampus Hedström: “This is all I do now”

“This has been super secret, I haven’t been allowed to tell anyone and I’ve taken it super seriously. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ve been super secretive,” says Hedström.

He goes on to say that he has undergone “hard physical training” to get in shape for the show:

“This is all I do now: I dance and sleep and dance. I’m very nervous and super nervous.”

Let’s Dance premieres on March 18 on TV4 Play & TV4.

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