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Hallway metamorphosis before and after in japandi style

Today I invite you to our vestibule and its metamorphosis. If the first room after crossing the threshold is to encourage people to enter further, ours definitely had the opposite effect.

Shades of purple are not my favorite colors. In addition, tiles on the floor with a dominant pattern, which, combined with the furniture and colors of this interior, were very overwhelming. Functionally, the vestibule also left a lot to be desired. Independent children did not reach for hangers. Each exit from the house was associated with “Mom / Dad, pass your jacket” or with clothes thrown anywhere. I didn’t like it.

The metamorphosis of this room is an energy boost for me. I love to pour light into this house (and not only to it;)).

Vestibule before changes

Project assumptions

The vestibule usually has very specific functions. There must be a place to store coats, hats, scarves, shoes and bags. A stool or a bench on which we can sit to change shoes is also a necessary piece of equipment. We also store shopping bags in the vestibule. In addition, it is the place where we receive the most guests (think, for example, of couriers who do not enter any further, but always see the vestibule), so it is the hallmark of the house.

Our vestibule and its metamorphosis were to achieve the following goals:

  • fencing the floor without replacing it due to underfloor heating, so that it blends in with the rest of the room;
  • plenty of space to hang jackets;
  • hangers at a height where children can easily reach;
  • comfortable and roomy shoe cabinet;
  • japandi style inspiration.

Functional layout and moodboards

As for the layout of the room itself, it is far from what I think the vestibule should be. There is no space for a large, roomy wardrobe. The three pairs of doors are arranged in such a way that it cannot be inserted here. There is a radiator next to the wall, where it could somehow fit in, so we wouldn’t use this space one hundred percent anyway. And due to the fact that this is a metamorphosis, and not a general renovation, the large wardrobe was left in the living room under the stairs, as it was before.

From the furniture there is an IKEA Ivar cabinet intended for shoes, shopping bags and various small things that we handily store in the hall. In addition, a bench to be able to sit down while putting on your shoes. And hangers, lots of hangers, at two heights.

Before and after version

I know that these combinations affect the imagination the most, so I leave two key views. Below you will also find a list of the work done, equipment and a photographic walk around our vestibule.


Hallway metamorphosis

Hallway metamorphosis

List of works and changes:

  • painting – walls were painted with Magnat Ceramic C1 paint. Three layers were needed to cover the previous one. I did the painting in February, somehow after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. I think it was too cool, and in addition, pure white did not cover as well as the same off-white paint;
  • I painted a semicircle on the wall with Magnat Creative CR39;
  • I freshened up the joints with the grout renovator.


Foto Room Tour

Hallway metamorphosis

Hallway metamorphosis

Hallway metamorphosis

Hallway metamorphosis

I will tell you more about DIY projects in the next posts. We have been using the vestibule after the changes for several months and this is a completely different life: D. I love him in every way and I wouldn’t change anything at the moment. OK, I plan to repaint both the entrance and the interior doors, but let’s agree that with the change that has already taken place, the door is really a small matter.

If you would like to make the metamorphosis of your interior with me, write to [email protected]

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