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Half of PlayStation releases will also come to PC by 2025 • ENTER.CO

PlayStation is changing its mentality towards exclusives. Although in the previous generation many of its games were recognized as the best of the generation, it seems that the company also understands today that its platform is not enough, but also depends a lot on the PC.

This week, during the presentation to shareholders Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, assured that part of the company’s strategy to increase its income is to increase the number of console titles that also reach PC and mobile. For this, the company expects that at least half of the games released will also end up on these platforms by the end of its financial year 2025.

Not only this, but the company also hopes to increase the reach of its games through ‘live services’. One of these is the new PlayStation Plus, which bears many similarities to Game Pass. According to Ryan, the plan is to launch “at least 12” of these kinds of services, which will “transform” the way PlayStation titles are played.

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“PlayStation Studios has historically performed wonderfully in delivering a strong portfolio of narratively rich and graphically beautiful single-player games, but it is certainly the case that we have restricted ourselves to a fairly narrow slice of the gaming market…By expanding into PC and mobile, and it has to be said… also live services, we have the opportunity to go from being present in a very small segment of the general game software market to being present practically everywhere.”

It is a movement that has been anticipated by the arrival of exclusive titles on the PlayStation to PC such as God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn. Of course, gamers shouldn’t expect the studio’s AAA titles to be released simultaneously on PC as well. The safest thing is that they will end up arriving a few months later, simulating the windows that other third-party studios handle.

Images: PlayStation Studios

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