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hairstyle tips for hot days

In winter, long hair keeps us warm. But in summer, it’s just the opposite! So how do you style your hair when it’s hot? What hot hairstyles to adopt to avoid heat stroke this summer? Braids, buns, ponytails and comforters, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, we are spoiled for choice. Here are 10 to clear your neck and face extreme temperatures in style!

How to comb your hair when it’s hot? 10 ultra stylish hairstyles!

how to style your hair when it's hot in the sun anti hot flash hairstyle idea woman long hair

To free yourself from the heat of jute, there is a simple rule: clean your neck, ears, forehead and all areas that require breathing during the summer. For this, 10 anti-heat waves and ultra-easy hairstyles are essential, especially as they not only prevent heat stroke, but also better protect the hair against UV rays, wind, sea and urban pollution. Our simple and ultra-stylish ideas are also perfect for camouflaging shiny roots and thus rescuing a bad hair day.

Barbie’s tail

long tail for styling when it's hot at work long straight hair

Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Beyoncé… many stars adopt the Barbie tail. And as you can probably guess, this is a tall, voluminous tail with a stingray at its side. Glamorous and very easy to achieve, this hairstyle will be the vintage inspiration of summer 2022. It cleanses your neck and ears giving you a little natural facelift, making it the ideal solution for styling your hair when it’s hot outside.

‎The Pammy Updo – a universal anti-heat waves hairstyle‎

se coiffer when il fait chaud en hiver et en été

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A trendy spring 2022 hairstyle, but also a very practical hair style for hot summer days, Pammy Updo features a heavily textured bun of an overlooked Californian style. Pamela Anderson’s favorite hairstyle during the ’90s sparked a real craze this spring, and with good reason! The lengths are wavy and tied in a way to create a high, falsely neglected bun. A thin, bulging bangs are invited across the forehead to enhance the look while longer strands escape the hairstyle to frame the face. This is what

the knot bread

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If with the arrival of sunny days, we tie our hair more and more, we can be tempted by new hair looks, such as the “cord knot” or “sea knot”. A hairstyle fit for a duchess, the knotted rope bun will be on everyone’s head this summer. Despite its crafted look, it’s relatively easy to achieve. Whether you have long or short hair, straight or curly, thin or thick, this summer’s starry hairstyle remains a safe bet for clearing your neck, expanding your headwear, and fighting the heat. Simply tie your hair into a low tail and twist it on itself to form a sort of bun. The idea is to release some small free threads that you use to camouflage the elastic. That’s right!

Two Medusa Ponytail comforters

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In summer, there’s nothing better than two beautiful duvets to clean your neck and fight the heat wave in style. However, this season, do you want to update them a bit? That’s nice! Fashionable and timeless, duvets are perfectly associated with the new hair trend: the Medusa ponytail. And if some fashionistas opt for two braids, others like Tina Kunakey bet on several small braids to sublimate their comforters. On the material side, get several mini rubber bands, a giant darling, a brush, and a styling gel.

Les space Buns

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Is the Bubble ponytail not your cup of tea? So why not go back to childhood and do a double bun? These well-knotted mini buns are much more original than a simple bun. A festival hairstyle par excellence, “space buns” are perfect for combining comfort and style in summer. They are also the ideal hairstyle to fight greasy and unruly hair. For more style, tie them up with bars, darlings, or pair them with some retro mini braids.

The messy bread quickly tied over the head

hairstyle idea to style your hair when it's hot at home

A revisited low ponytail

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