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Hackers managed to collapse one of the most important streets in Russia • ENTER.CO

then, countless large and medium-sized companies around the world have turned their backs on Russia. For its part, Ukraine, in addition to responding with weapons, has also launched a cyber war against Russia. Now, a group of hackers collapsed one of the main roads of the Russian capital on September 1.

Dozens of drivers from the Yandex Taxi transportation service company arrived at Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow at the same time. Everything indicates that computer hackers managed to circumvent the company’s security system and requested multiple services so that a large part of the drivers’ staff arrived at the same place: the Ukrania Hotel.

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“On the morning of September 1, Yandex Taxi encountered an attempt by attackers to disrupt service: several dozen drivers received mass orders to Moscow’s Fili district,” a spokesperson for the transportation company told Motherboard. And it is that, the road in question does not usually present traffic problems, vehicles can circulate normally through any of the multiple lanes. However, on September 1, taxi drivers and other drivers spent about 40 minutes stuck due to the number of cars that arrived at the point.

For its part, Yandex Taxi explained that they are already reworking their routing algorithm from scratch after the attack to avoid this type of incident in the future. Also, it took little time to learn about the hacker group behind the transit problem: Anonymous. Even in one of his Twitter accounts with the name of the group, published a video with the incident in the capital. Everything indicates that Anonymous worked in collaboration with the Ukrainian IT Army, a volunteer organization formed since the war between the two countries began.

Image: Unsplash

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