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Gustavo Adolfo Infante applauds that Pablo Lyle is in prison: “There is an abuse of a young man”

Gustavo Adolfo Infante expressed his opinion on the sentence of Pablo Lyle.

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In case of Paul Lyle He continues to give people something to talk about, but after it was revealed that he will have to serve a sentence of five years in prison plus another eight years of probation, there has been a long list of celebrities who have expressed their unconditional support, this is the case of Sofia Castrowho recently confirmed that he will be with him through thick and thin.

However, who has a completely opposite opinion is the driver Gustavo Adolfo Infantewho during his YouTube program claimed to agree with the sentence given to the protagonist of the soap opera ‘My Adorable Curse’, because he finally took the life of a person.

“Poor thing, everyone is screaming, ‘it’s not worth it’, ‘poor man’… And what did he do? In other words, bad actions, an action has a reaction and a stain has a re-stain. They talk about karma, because karma does exist, Karma is paying in life for what you did. The man was not driving the car. He got off and when he saw that he was an old man he hit him,” he said.

But that was not all, because he shared his point of view regarding what happened in March 2019, when the actor got out of his car to hit Juan Ricardo Hernández, a 63-year-old man of Cuban nationality who claimed him for an accident. vial that they had shortly before.

“I have asked myself this question over and over again: If it had been a guy like Eduardo Yáñez, would I have hit him too? A guy about the size of Sergio Sendel or Eduardo Santamarina, I mean, I’m talking about bullfights, right? Would he have done it? No, right. I do not think so. So here’s an abuse from a young man to an old man.“, he exposed.

He stressed that he understands that it could all be about “the fever and adrenaline of the moment”, but the problem was never with him, but with his brother-in-law Lucas Delfino, who was driving the vehicle involved; and he added that surely Lyle would have escaped if he had not been caught on camera.

“The anger was not even with him. One can think: ‘Okay, he was with his children in the car.’ It was an old man who got off and complained to them, then he hits him, that man falls and peels himself. If there had not been cameras, he peels and leaves and leaves him there to die, ”he explained.

He pointed out that he probably used a bad strategy with his legal team, since he never showed a little humility and his attitude was heavy, arrogant and even excessive.

“The last day he did start to cry, I think if he had shown repentance and humility from day one (…) a positive attitude will always bring you greater advantages than an aggressive attitude”. he commented she.

Finally, he referred to him as a “poor buddy” that no one wishes was going through a bad time, but he should have thought about the consequences before giving “his life and the lives of his children to the tower.”

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