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Guillermo Ochoa will be recognized as the MVP of Salernitana, despite the fact that he has conceded 14 goals in 5 games

Guillermo Ochoa He has had outstanding performances since he arrived at the salernitana Italian, despite the fact that in 5 games he has conceded 14 goals, since he still holds the record for the most saves in the 5 major European leagues; probably for this reason, one of his sponsors will present him with an award as team MVP.

According to reports from the Salernitana News, everything is agreed so that on Tuesday, February 7, before the game against Juventusthe Mexican goalkeeper receives the award as a tribute for his great performances since he arrived in Italian football.

Although it was not specified which of the sponsors will deliver the recognition, according to the media, it is a fact that the man from Guadalajara will take it, who a few weeks ago received the worst win of his careerafter receiving 8 goals from Atalanta.

Possible renewal of the Mexican with Salernitana

In a second section, the same medium talks about the possibility of the club renewing the Aztec player’s contract, which expires next summer, since the team is very happy with the work done by Paco Memo, although this time the deal It would be for a full season, that is, until mid-2024.

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